Thursday, February 28, 2013

YAY!! Hubby's Scarf Is Finished!!

        After spending yesterday morning cutting yarn for scarf fringe, and then cutting more yarn, and then...cutting more yarn! ^_^... hubby is tired of looking at blue fringe yarn! LOL But knowing that his scarf is finished has him in a very relaxed state this morning...Almost as relaxed as our kitty holding the pencil case in the header photo! ^_^
      Here i is!!...

        The shot of it from inside the house didn't do it justice though. It had to be seen in good lighting...which wasn't easy, with our drizzly, rainy weather...

     I offered to cut the fringe for him, but he wasn't having any of it!! ^_^ He wanted his scarf to be done COMPLETELY by him!...

      ...Done! :-) ... Not too shabby, right?! :-]

    He was so satisfied with himself that he couldn't just stop at the scarf! :-) As soon as he rested up a bit, he was off to the kitchen!...Banana walnut bread bound! :-)



     YUM!!!! :-)

      I don't know what he's gonna do with himself today...besides taking care of me!...but whatever it is, I'm in, Baby!!! ^_^

      All we have to do is get rid of his snowy, rainy, drizzly, cloudy, weather we're having!...Any ideas of how to do that?! O_O ... The only good thing about that it's melting the snow!...I say 'sorta' good because the water from the melting is coming up to the back!...Ugh!

      Can you see the image of the trees in the water?! :-))

      Okay...I have some boutonnieres to get into the shop. A silver one too!! :-) I'll show them to you tomorrow...Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Hubby's Crochet

He worked on it intensely,
with his glasses half way down.
He fixed his hands correctly,
every 'boo boo' met with frown.

He learned to crochet his way,
in and out, loop, loop, chain one.
Now he's sitting with a smile,
because his first scarf is all done!     


  1. I love your writing debbie!!!! Im so proud of your hubbie!! Tell him i said so!!!


    Not sure about select profile. So i did one that works!

    1. Awwww!...Thank you, Jocel! ^_^ And hubby says 'Thank You' also!...Have a good day, my sister!

  2. It took me a while to realize that this was not just a scarf for hubby, but made by hubby! I am impressed! Add to that the yummy baked good he made, and I am beyond impressed!! xoxo Silke

    1. ^_^ Oh no, Silke! I wasn't allowed to do this scarf. I was only the instructor! :-] Hubby is proud to tell everybody that 'he' made it!...and he made the banana bread from scratch too! He's getting quite creative these days.

  3. That little poem sums it up! I love it!! And did an awesome job on that scarf!! I couldn't crochet one that looks as good!!
    As for the muffins...I'm drooling again! My poor computer! LOL
    Can't wait to see the silver boutonniere!
    Have a great day!!

    1. ^_^ I'm so glad you like my little 'hubby ditty' poem! LOL...And if I could measure and show you the smile on would go beyond my page border! LOL...Now I'm off to list my silver boutonniere! :-]


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