Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sleepy Flat Owls And Hearts???...O_O

     You ever sleep so much that you wonder if there should be jail sentences given to people for sleeping too much?! LOL...I think that's what I did yesterday! I took one of my famous "naps"...for around four hours!...woke up for three hours...and then went back down for another five or six hours!! O_O
     I knew it was too much...or almost too much!...{I don't wanna go to jail! LOL}...when I had this dream that hubby and I were traveling on the highway and we saw two huge flat owls on the side of the road!! O_O He didn't wanna stop and get them, but I talked him into it! ^_^ I told him they would make good subjects for my blog, and he said: "Alright." ^_^
     In the dream, or when I woke up the next the dream!...I started worrying that maybe the owls were endangered species or something and that I had taken them from where they were suppose to be!! O_O ... Then I wondered if they were alive...and hungry!...even though they were like 'flat Stanleys' with nothing sticking up but their beaks!! LOL
         See what I mean about sleeping TOO much?! LOL...I'm just glad I'm awake now!!! :-)

    I haven't done it for a few days, so I wanted to share a few items I spotted on Etsy. One was the pretty red heart yarn bow in the header photo. :-) ... Truthfully hearts are EVERYWHERE on etsy right the owls are! I'm not sure why owls are so popular, but I think the hearts are everywhere because Valentine's day is in February.
     I don't celebrate Valentine's day, but I do love hearts! :-) ...And I love it when other people who love hearts add one of my items to their new treasuries...that has hearts in it! ^_^ That's what Elizabeth Cook did. :-) She added my crochet necklace to her treasury!!...

     Thanks, Elizabeth!! :-)

     I also like this bracelet (below) from her treasury too...just saying! :-) ...

        Two other items, not in this treasury, caught my eye on Etsy this week too!...One was this Turquoise Picasso Czech and Antiqued Silver Bead Dangle 4 Piece Charm Drop Set from bountyofbeads...

     And this Hand Embroidered Peach Flowers on Blue Gray Linen Brooch by Sidereal ...

    No...there's no big surprise as to why I like them! ^_^ I'm an open book 'like'-wise!! :-]

      Speaking of which, I LIKE the scarves in my friends new shop too...KariLynnsKUMFORT!...

      I've seen the scarves up close and personal. They're gorgeous!! :-) Do me a favor and go by and check out her new shop HERE, will ya! :-)'s pancake Sunday, and I have to go and wrap my hungry teeth around a banana pancake!! ^_^ Between the pancakes and the piles of snow outside, I'm remembering being a little girl all over again!! :-) ... Have a good day, Everybody!! :-)

Remember Being Little?

Do you remember being little?
Wish you could stay like that?
Playing 'Hopscotch' in the yard,
and dressing up in your Mama's hat?

Do you remember getting attention
just by smiling, being you?
Singing into pens and brushes?
Getting dimes for things you drew?

Do you remember flannel Pjs,
with the closed in, too warm, feet?
Or the shiny patten leathers
you couldn't play in in the street?

Do you remember bouncy curls?
Wish your hair would do that now?
Or your first grade stage performance
with your shy and humble bow?

Do you remember being little?
Wake up and wonder where you're at?
Make yourself go back to sleep;
Then dream the world is just like that?


  1. I remember. Are you sure we don't know each other from the past? Great poem! Enjoyed myself. I remember fitting in the laundry basket and being carted inside by my grandmother, along with the sun dried bed linen and clothes pins attached to the ends of my braids. Smile.

    1. Ha! Ha! I don't think we did know each other, Mary. I think I would remember...I THINK! LOL I 'do' thank you for the nice words about my poem though. ^_^ And thank you for refreshing my memory about sun dried bed sheets on the line, and clothespins!! :-]

  2. Ha ha ha!! Flat owls....flat stanleys!! I haven't heard that in a long time!! What a hoot!
    And yes, I do remember being little. Sometimes I'd like to go back for a day.

    1. ^_^ Ahhh! You remember flat Stanley!!! LOL


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