Wednesday, February 6, 2013


      Have you ever heard the expression: "No good deed goes unpunished"?!...Well, as a point of fact, I don't believe that. I believe that 'You reap what you sow', just like the Bible says!...But I have to admit that I have seen situations in my life that made me understand why people say that! ^_^ Sometimes it's tough being a 'good' person!! In fact, people who, out of the goodness of their hearts, try to do  good deeds, sometimes get HAMMERED! ^_^
   In a funny kind of way, it happened to my hubby yesterday! ^_^ I'll tell you about it in a minute...First, I wanna talk about the weather...Yes! The weather! :-) ... The backyard is about to get 'hammered' snow! O_O

     The weather has been so weird lately!...One day it's 50 or 60 degrees. The very next day it's below the freezing point!...The next day it's 'raining cats and dogs'...The day after that we have 50 mile an hour wind gusts! O_O...I heard someone say: "What's next? Locusts?"...They thought that was funny...Yesterday I'm sure I heard crickets rubbing their back legs together!! O_O LOL
   The weather forecasters here said last night that, after two days of occasional snow showers, we would get a light dusting of snow...Cut to 'multiple spin-outs last night on an icy highway'!! O_O Yep!...The 'light dusting' of snow fell when the temperatures were below freezing and turned the highway here in Holyoke into a skating rink! Ugh!
     Today there's suppose to be no wind locusts! problem! ^_^ Tomorrow is suppose to be the same...But Friday?!Friday is another story. O_O 
      Starting at around 3 a.m. in the morning on Friday we're suppose to start a 24 hour snow period. They're saying that in our area we're gonna get 'at least' 6 inches of snow...Depending on how the weather 'model' shimmies though, we could end up with 12 inches PLUS!! O_O...Thanks, Bead! LOL ('Bead' is my nickname for Cindy Newell, who lives in Michigan, and who just got this amount of snow in her area recently! ^_^)
    Hammered!...We're gonna get hammered!!! O_O 

       ...Speaking of which, back to the story about my hubby!...His mom needed some bread, but she doesn't drive. The only stop she was gonna be able to make out of the house yesterday was when she was being driven to the 'children's daycare' where she works part-time, and then back home.
    Hubby agreed to get it for her, and to drop it off at the house so that it would be there when she got home! :-)...Unbeknownst to her, he made a homemade stew and an apple dessert, that he also took over and left for her. ♥ He's such a sweetie!...and as a side-note, his cooking experimentations are getting soooo good lately! :-]
    But the 'hammering' happened when he stopped by her work-place, the children's 'Day-care', to pick up some papers that she needed taken and dropped off somewhere too...It was a room full of small children, ages ranging from newborns to 3 year olds. Mostly 3-year olds. 
    My hubby loves to question and joke around with small children. So he started peppering them with questions: "How old are you?"..."Are you gonna eat all of those crackers?!"..."Why do you look so mean?"
    After he got the papers, and was getting ready to leave, he did a big wave to the children and said: "Bye!!"...And one little sweet 3 year old said, in a loud voice, "Bye, doo doo head!!" O_O And all of the kids started giggling! It totally took him by surprise!!....Hammered!!...then, out of nowhere, they all chimed in together: "Bye, doo doo head!!" LOL
     I say 'LOL' because I 'can' say LOL...this morning! ^_^ I couldn't say that yesterday. My hubby couldn't laugh about it yesterday! ^_^ I could...secretly. Shhhhhh!...But this morning he thinks it's hilarious!!...There he was, thinking he was building rapport with the little ones, and they turned on him like a bad smell coming from a garbage dump!! ^_^ 

        He was never more in a hurry to get out of a place! LOL...But it all became a distant memory when his mom called late last night to say how much she loved his stew and apple dessert! She said: "You cook better than me!" :-) ... Needless to say, I am not allowed to complain about his cooking ANY more...according to him. His mom says he's a good cook, and that's that! LOL
    I did take the opportunity to let him know though, that his apple dessert needed butter, and the crust 'was' a little burnt! ^_^ He laughed, and left the room, after a quick word: "Doo doo head!" LOL...*shaking my head*...Hammered!! ^_^ ... Oh, the things the children teach us!!! LOL

      The poem below is one I've never shared on the blog before, because it's more of a spiritual poem about young children of Jehovah's Witnesses. But I think that some of the points can be appreciated by everyone, so I decided, based on today's subject, to share it. :-) ... And giveaway gift post will be tomorrow...for sure!! LOL ... Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Young People

Young people, when at meetings, sit;
They squirm and wiggle just a bit;
But soon they learn the good habit
they're  taught again and again.

Soon they're  giving their first talk;
While parents do the nervous walk;
They smile and clap and watch the clock,
and wait for it to end.

A few years more-its microphones,
and comments, with an unsure tone;
But parents love the way they've  shown
a willingness to try.

Then, teenage years come-way too fast;
But, thankfully they quickly pass,
'cause parents prayed it would not last,
and Jehovah heard their cry.

The congregation needs kids here;
The young ones work hard every year,
encouraged by the spread of cheer,
and caring, selfless love.

Like young ones, we could take a clue,
to be spiritual-But have fun too,
and put our heart in all we do;
'cause that comes from above.

Young people grow to be real dear;
They clean the Hall, and pioneer;
Serving Jehovah is the career
that they do every day.

They become servants, as they grow;
Elders, who help God's  spirit flow;
Circuit Overseers who will know
just how to show the way.

The sacrifices they have made
are things that they would never trade,
because the ransom that Christ paid,
put them on solid ground.

So-from tiny tots, to older men,
they learn to be Jehovah's  friend,
and help the congregation blend-
the whole wide world around.

And if you are a younger one,
don't  think that now your job is done;
Its really only just begun;
So-strengthen your endeavor.

Keep reading God's word every night;
Keep making meetings your delight,
and teaching others what is right-
to live on earth forever.


  1. Anonymous2/06/2013

    Loved your story of your hubbie & kids!!!!!

    Poem awesome!!

    1. Thanks, Jocel! :-)) Silly kids!...And thanks about the poem too!

  2. Ha ha ha!! You're so welcome my friend!!! :D <<<<the snow I mean! We're in for some nasty nasty tomorrow afternoon and evening. Another week with our meeting in jeopardy.

    I'm sorry those kids (bullies) were so cruel to your hubby. You have to consider the source. They're just kids, being kids. I'm so happy that his mom loved the meal!! What a reward for his hard work! Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Great poem!!

    1. ^_^ I knew I could count on you to share!!! LOL..I hope you don't get any more to share though!! O_O...About the kids, yes, we did consider the source. We're still laughing about it! It was just so unexpected, was all! ^_^ And his mom's words soothed everything over anyway! :-)

    2. Ha ha!! still didn't share what you won in that giveaway! I'm waiting..... LOL

    3. Tomorrow, bead...I promise! ^_^


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