Friday, February 22, 2013

Let's Show Some Friday Appreciation!

      I thought you'd come by here today and see me talking about my 'virtual' date with my hubby tonight, right? ^_^ Well...NOT! We'll just enjoy it by ourselves this time. I thought I'd give you a little break. Instead I thought I'd just take a minute to show some appreciation for people's creativity and hard work!...You know, stop and smell the...daisies! ^_^

     Being a crocheter myself...some would call me a 'fool' crocheter! :-) ...I can REALLY appreciate the hard work that went into this...

    Oh! The detail in this sweater!!...It kinda reminds me of the crocheted circles I did for the yoyo bag I made a while back for my Wuglyees shop! Whew!...I know how much work my circles were. I can only imagine how much work her everything else in this sweater...must have been!

      And let's show some appreciation for these items too!...

      I'm in awe at the amount of time and detail is going into the work people are creatively producing!...Now, if only they could get paid appropriately for it!! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! ^_^ Then working my poor little crochet fingers to the bones with my boutonnieres would be even more fun! ^_^

     Okay...let's face it...I would be making my little flowers even if I wasn't getting paid! ^_^ But hey! I still wouldn't mind the financial appreciation!! LOL

    So, that's what I'm appreciating today!...and my cooking, back-rub giving, off-key singing, post office errand running, hard working, hubby! :-) Yep! I appreciate him too!...especially on 'Friday Virtual Date Day'! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! And if I don't hear from you, have a good weekend too! :-)

Virtual trip

I really like to travel,
See the world, expand my mind.
But not getting on an airplane,
or hunting luggage I can't find!

I like a 'good ole' virtual trip.
Computer details. Music too.
Where you don't need a 'stinking' passport,
or have to wear a 'stinking' shoe!

But a little stay at home,
under covers, lock and key,
can also be expansive.
Even if just 'virtually'.   


  1. Great finds today! Yep...a LOT of work! And I love the color combination in your latest flower too.
    Enjoy your virtual trip tonight too! :)

    1. Thanks, Cindy!! :-) And yes indeed...a LOT of work!!...And thank you for the 'appreciation' of my color combos too! ^_^ Have a good day, my friend!

  2. You are so good at finding neat items! I am so honored you included my painting! Robin from CustomPortraitArt

    1. Thank you, Robin!! :-] But finding neat items is not a hard job on Etsy! People are so creative!...Thanks for stopping by. Have a good weekend! :-)

  3. I've always admired knitting and crocheting creations [like those socks!] but I never found the motivation or patience to learn. I just stick to sewing and drool over others' DIY scarves haha.

    1. Hi Bridget! :-) Well, your sewing is something I could never fall in love with...although I had teachers try to make me fall in love with it!! LOL So, everybody has their own talent. YOU 'Be You'!!! :-] ... By the way, I taught myself how to crochet from a 'How To' book!


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