Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sooooo...Is That What's Trending Right Now?!!

       Clearly, looking at the header photo, you can see that I have a one track mind this morning! ^_^ It's breakfast-time here, and breakfast is 'always' trending for me at this time of the morning! :-) 
      What does 'trending' mean?!...and why am I talking about it?!...Well, 'trending' means "the general direction in which something tends to move, or to extend, incline, or veer in a specified direction."...And I'm talking about it because I saw something on Etsy that was in the list of the things they said were 'trending right now'! 

     This is what I saw...

    Of course it was just looking at the fact that it was words on something that caught my attention, but what the words actually say is pretty cool too!..."Thank you for raising the man of my dreams."...What a cool gift to give to a mother-in-law!! :-) By the way, you can have it say 'woman' of my dreams too if you want...just saying! :-)

      And then, finding one thing with words on it, I wondered if 'words on stuff' was what was 'trending right now'. So off I went to search for what was trending! :-) And these are a few of the things I found...

       A ring with words on it (above). 

     And a scarf with Jane Austen's words on it! (below) :-) ...

       But I found that stuff with words on them wasn't all that was trending right now...Color is also trending! :-) YAY!!...

       Couldn't you see yourself out for a morning walk in this colorful hoodie?! ^_^ I could!....I can't!...But I could...if you know what I mean. LOL

     And what about these colorful wraps?!...

     They're marketed for bridesmaids, but I could see a good girlfriend day gift here too! :-) ... Which reminds me, it's been a long time since I had a real girlfriends day!...Hmmmm...I need to get on that! that's what's trending on Etsy right now! :-) ...What's trending in 'MY' Etsy shop is lapel pins and boutonnieres! :-) ...

     These are a couple of my new ones I have to list later today...

       This is my slow period, so they're not moving as quickly out of the shop right now. But I'm still crocheting because...hopefully...things will be picking up soon, when the warm Spring sunshine comes, and tax season is over! LOL People will want to 'look' good, even though they won't have any money left!! ^_^ one track mind has gone back to what's trending in my house...BREAKFAST!! LOL...

      Have a good day, Everybody! :-)


This world is like a pond in which
you can't help but get wet.
We are like the fish snatched up
into the fisher's net.

The pond-it represents all of
our jobs and bills and debt,
that we swim in every day,
chasing the bait that's hard to get.

The world throws out a line
that we follow to the top;
Then we're pulled away from safety,
and on land we flip and flop.

Even if we get away,
we're now wounded, dry and tired,
`cause we've jumped out of the frying pan,
and now we're in the fire!


  1. ….*☆.THANK YOU¸.☆*’
    ….*☆.FOR FEATURING ☆*’

    1. ^_^ Ooooo! The excitement!!...It was my pleasure to share your beautiful hoodie!!...And thank you for the nice words too! :-)

  2. Hahaha! Your one-track mind is my one-track mind. I was just sitting here thinking: "I wonder what I could eat?" The thing is ... I'm not even really hungry. I just feel like having a snack...

    Your lapel pins and boutonnieres are beautiful!! They'lll brighten anyone's day...

    xoxo Silke

    1. ^_^ I'm glad I'm not alone in my 'one track mind'! And I hope you got something to eat as yummy as I did! Bacon and eggs, with an oatmeal and peaches chaser! :-] ... And thank you so much for the nice words about my boutonnieres too!! Much appreciated!!...Have a good day, Silke!

  3. The trends are lovely...I love that scarf but I'm not a scarf wearer. I just can't seem to find one that looks good on me. I think they make my chest look too big! Wait, that sounds weird..but it's true! Love the EAT sign, but I don't ever need a sign to remind me to do that!

    1. I thought the trends were nice too, Yaya! And the Jane Austen type wordy scarf is right at the top of my list...And F.Y.I. I don't think a scarf changes body dimensions...just saying! LOL 'We' got what we got!!! ^_^ Have a good day, Yaya!

  4. Ohhh I love the colors of your cute lapel pins- I'm betting they will be very successful for you!

    I love that Jane Austin scarf-- just sayin!!


    1. Awwww! Thanks, Vicki!! :-) I appreciate the nice input about my little crochet "babies"...And I love that scarf too!!!


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