Tuesday, February 5, 2013

YIKES!!...Where Did The Time Go?!!

      You're probably not gonna believe this, with my yakkety talkative self, but I almost forgot that I hadn't done a blog post for today!!!! O_O I woke up at 5 a.m. and I've been going, going, going ever since!!
     I had some packages that had to be shipped, some updating and filing that had to be done...it's tax time! O_O...and some other stuff, which, as soon as I get this post up, I'll be going back to finish!
     Ans it's not like I didn't have things to talk about! I won a Giveaway the other day that I wanted to share with you...Me and hubby got into a conversation about 'specifics' that I wanted to talk about...and we've got some more 'interesting' weather on the way! Ugh!...Not to mention the things that have been in the news lately! WOW!
      Maybe I'll get around to talking to you about some of these things over the next few days, but for today I just want to share a few things I spotted on Etsy. One being the cute bear in the header photo! :-) He reminded me a little bit of my 'baby Wuglyee' bear. :-]

       I love this purse because....well, because I love interesting bags, I love the color, and I always love anything with a bird on it!! :-)

     Now, the soaps caught my attention because of the different "flavors" or selections they come in!...peppermint, French white clay (which has tangerine), dead sea clay (which has lavender and lemon), and a whole lot of others! YUM! :-)

      And I love this pillow because it reminds me of all of the things I love...flowers, pillows for napping, words, and 'virtual' dates!...hubby and I have strolled the streets of Paris on many a 'virtual' Friday date night, eating pastries and saying Ooo la la to each other!! ^_^

      Speaking of which....Ooo la la!! Look at the time!! O_O Gotta go, Y'all! Busy, Busy, today!...I'll catch up before the week is over though!...I...HOPE! :-] ... Have a good week, everybody!!...And that's my final word for today!! ;-)

Living Are The Words

All Poets through the ages,
from Poe to Maya Angelou,
have known the power of a word
and what the written word can do.

Words, alone, or in a sentence,
camouflaged or on their face,
are living breathing things,
occupying time and space.

Left within the mind
no one can hear them swear and curse.
When you release them by your speech,
their jab can go from bad to worse.

A complement is like the carving
of a golden apple's peel.
Falling gently on the hearer,
making shiny words a meal.

Cutting words are like a dagger
seeking out the mind and heart.
of the innocent and sure.
Pulling confidence apart.

Living breathing, in and out,
causing havoc every day.
You could be their vehicle.
So, be careful what you say.

Let good words inhabit spaces,
(which inevitably they do.)
And in receiving minds and hearts?
Let them flourish in there too!


  1. What did you win??? Tell me, tell me!!!

    It IS a busy time of year. No apologies needed. Have a great day!

    1. I'll tell you, Bead! It was.....It was.... ^_^ I'll tell you tomorrow!! LOL It's my blog for tomorrow. ^_^ ... And thanks for understanding about the late post too, my friend! ♥

  2. Beautiful finds! Thanks for featuring my purse. :)

    1. Thank you! :-) And it was my pleasure to share your purse!

  3. Anonymous2/06/2013

    Debbie, I love your poem about words. They can hurt or heal!!


    1. They really can, Jocel!! Words are powerful little things!...And thank you for the nice words about the poem. :-)

  4. I haven't popped in for awhile. Delightful post and I love the items you featured! The purse is fabulous and Paris is to die for!

    1. Hello Teresa!! :-] Nice to see you!...Thank you for stopping by with the encouragement! :-]


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