Monday, July 22, 2013

My News Is In Summer Colors!

      It's Monday again! :-) You knew it would be back, right?! LOL It couldn't stay 'weekend' forever! ^_^ And guess what else is back for us here in Massachusetts. Questionable weather!! ^_^ Rain and humidity. But not as much humidity as we've had over the last week of the heatwave. It's only 84% humid!! opposed to 100% 'snatch-it-out-of-the-air-and-drink-it!' humidity. LOL
     All of this is proof...beyond a shadow of a doubt!...that it's summer!!! :-) Good news, right?!....Uhhhhh....okay. If you say so! I prefer my air conditioner to summer, actually...But I will say, speaking of news, that it's better news than the flash floods, bridge accidents, murders, and home invasions that the local news is full of these days!...but maybe not better news than a brand new baby on the way! :-) Guess whose baby! ^_^ Yeah, that's all over the news too!

     Summer does have a bit of good news associated with it though, other than babies being born, and delicious fruit...just saying! :-) Summer is full of summer color! :-) And I found all kinds of summer color on Etsy...

      ...including the summer color boutonnieres that I made myself over the weekend! ^_^ This one is 'variegated carnation'!...

     I'm telling you...the variegated colors have captured me!! ^_^ But their colors aren't the only ones that have captured me. Look at these summer colors!...     

      Don't you just love 'em?!!! :-) They make you wanna plan a summer party, re-decorate your house in summer colors for it, and make fruity colored drinks...just so you can put them in pretty jars, and hand them to your friends with colorful umbrellas in 'em!! ^_^ ... Or is that just crazy ME?!! LOL
     I'm not as crazy as you think though, because I won't be doing any of the above in this rain and humidity!! LOL I'll be studying, reading my Bible, and crocheting the day away! :-) ...

       I'll look at summer my way. You look at summer your way! ^_^ But however you look at it, have a good Monday, Everybody! :-)

Summer Is The Sun

Summer is the sun
that makes the sweat down your face run,
when you're having so much fun.
Now the school year is all done;
Your 'Playing' homework has begun.

Summer is the sun,
when your vacation web is spun,
and all your money is down to none.
A dollar bill-you've got just one.
That there's no cash is quite a stun.
But Oh! The memories that were won,
because summer is the sun.


  1. This is so delightful! Your blog is beautiful and so inviting!

    I adore the wedding paper trees - lovely!

    Thank you so much for including my Beach glasses and pitcher; it's an honor to be here!

    Cheers to Mondays!

    1. It was my pleasure, Sheryl!!! :-) And thank you for the nice words about the blog!!...By the way, I adore the trees too! ^_^ Happy Monday!


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