Monday, July 8, 2013

Andy Murray...2013...He Did It!!

       It was 'good stuff'!! ^_^ I'm talking about the tennis match between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray at Wimbledon yesterday!! 'Good.....Stuff'!!! :-) ... Of course, if you're not into sports, this blog post is just gonna annoy you!.....sorry.
       But if you're into sports, especially tennis, and you watched Andy Murray crying during his speech where he lost to Roger Federer at Wimbledon last year, this blog post is gonna give you a little smile. :-)
      It was such a good match!!! :-) In some ways it was surprising though!...Who knew that Andy could get it done in only three sets...against Novak?!!!! O_O I sure didn't!! I was sure it was gonna be a!...especially considering the length of the volleys when the match started!
       But although Novak battled...and I mean he BATTLED!!...he still ended up holding the 'runner-up' platter... 

      The match was so good that I may watch the whole thing all over again today!! ^_^ I'm sure the tennis channel is gonna play it over and over again!! ^_^

       Of course, I have other stuff to do today!...I'm working on a custom order of brooches. And I have some replacement boutonnieres to make too!...The 'Stormy Skies' boutonniere below, that I shared on the blog yesterday, is now in the shop...

       Okay...a new week is off to a quick run! ^_^ Have a good one, Everybody!!

You Are The Best!
You work, you struggle,
you do your best.
You cry, you strain,
and lose your quest.

Most days the trying
is just a TRY.
But then one day...
a different cry.

A cry of joy.
You've beat the rest.
This day in London...

Congratulations Andy Murray/Wimbledon 2013!!!! :-)


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