Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hummingbirds And Boutonnieres...Oh My!

       You'll have to forgive me if my subject matter these days seems 'one-tracked'. But it is kinda one-tracked. :-)) It's all about hummingbirds!...

      And I don't just mean beautiful photos of them, like I shared with you on the blog yesterday, or beautiful jewelry pieces that display them, like this beautiful necklace above! ♥  I mean 'real' hummingbirds! :-)
      They're all over my yard!! :-) I spent practically the whole day yesterday watching hummingbird courting displays! The female was sitting on a branch, while the male was in front of her darting left, right...left, right...left, right. Then...swoop!.....dive!....left, right....left right....left right. :-) 
      It was so cute that hubby decided he would entertain me with some similar courting movements! LOL I pretended to be a hummingbird, and acted the same way the female hummingbird was acting....sorta like a cat sitting up on the back of the sofa...bored...and yawning, and acting aloof! ^_^ He was not deterred...and I loved it!!! :-) Hummingbirds can be good company!...

      By the way, my whole day wasn't about hummingbirds! There was a moment or two about boutonnieres! ^_^ Okay...you know me by now. There were a LOT of moments about boutonnieres! ^_^ I was crocheting the heat wave away!! (Yeah, we're in the midst of a week-long heat wave again!!! O_O)
      I received this photo yesterday, from a customer who received his boutonniere in the mail and loved it! :-) I LOVE my customers!!!!!!!!...And I think I might have a repeat customer here!! ^_^

         Okay...more about hummingbirds!!! ^_^ I found some Youtube videos that just warmed my heart.....Enjoy! :-]

      Okay....have a hum...dinger...bird of a day, Y'all!!! ^_^


It feels good to be awake!
Eyes wide open. Brain cells too!
Now my mind and eyes need focus.
Let's go find something to do! 


  1. I'm not awake this morning. Didn't sleep well with this nasty cold. But I love all the hummingbird items and videos this morning. What a nice photo your customer sent you too! Must make you feel so good!!

    1. :-( Sorry you're not feeling well, Bead. But I hope you start feeling better today. It sounds like you're doing all the right things though...to get through it. Rest...eat a little something...rest...rest!

  2. Hummingbirds are so very delightful! So glad to hear you are seeing them all over your yard. They are one of the most entertaining birds to observe. I too could sit and watch them all day long. Soon the baby hummers will be hatching and there will be much more commotion.
    Your handmade boutonniere looks so very fine on your customers outfit. So nice of him to send you a photograph. Happy hummingbird watching!

    1. Hi Julie! :-) Yes, I think you're right about the hummingbird hatchlings coming soon. The feeder has been much quieter today, so I think mama must be off making a nest. :-) I can't wait to see little hummingbird 'juniors'!!...By the way, thank you for the nice words about my boutonniere too! And I agree about how nice it was of my customer to send me a photo. That's why I love my customers so much. They always share! ^_^ Have a good day, Julie! Tell the Chicago area I said: "Hi!"


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