Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Slept Right Through The Danger! O_O

       I'm happy to be able to say: "Hello!" this morning!...It could've been very different...had the rotating wall cloud, that was in my town last night, rotated any tighter! O_O But it didn't...and I'm here! :-] "Hello!"...And I'm 'none the worse for wear' either...except for having to deal with some residual clouds and darkness outside, and....rain. Ugh!
       Imagine...we slept right through a rotating wall cloud that could've turned into a tornado! O_O ...*cold shiver*...ANYWAY!! :-) Onward and upward! I've got some interesting items to share!...starting with the shell candles in the header photo...which I could really use here in the house this morning!...Had you ever thought about using shells for candle holders?!...creative!

        And this is creative too! A personalized cutting board with a great heart oak tree design on it!!...

        I think it's almost too pretty to cut on!...Of course, I've never used a cutting board in my kitchen. I'm a 'cut it over the sink or over the pot' type of girl! ^_^ My knives are sharpened just enough for me to use without problems, and I like my potatoes and meat pieces cut up into all kinds of sizes and 'wonky' shapes! LOL Stew with potatoes cut all the same size....Nah!...just wouldn't taste the same!! ^_^
      For those who like their potatoes and meat uniformly cut though...this is the cutting board for you!!...It's the cutting board for me too, but as a piece of art! :-) I think it would be a great anniversary gift...to hang on a wall or something!
        You could put the personalization in any of these ways...

       ...and in whichever kind of wood you like! :-) ... So cool!!

       Now, the fact that I would end this post with something that has a flower on it is a surprise...to no one! ^_^ But what about something with 'three' flowers on it?!...

       Yeah...okay...still no surprise. ^_^ I do lOVE myself a flower!!! AND I love creative headbands!...

        Very nice!! :-) ... And not a rotating wall cloud in sight!! ^_^ ...But I am feeling kinda sleepy!...*yawn*...I didn't sleep that great last night. I was flipping back and forth like a salmon all night!...In fact, after a little breakfast, and something for the headache I have too, I just may get me another couple of zzzzzzs!
     Later on I have to get back to work on my custom order, and get some studying done...What are you doing today?!...Whatever it is, have a good one, Y'all! :-)


Tuesdays follow Mondays,
trailing chores left behind.
Tuesday is the peaceful offer,
when Monday wasn't kind.

Tuesday is the day that you
 concede your week's begun.
Tuesday is the hopeful plans
of weekends coming fun.

Tuesday follows Monday,
Always second in the list.
Unsure and kind of shadowed,
just like Gorillas in the mist.

Tuesday should petition,
that it becomes a known "Fun" day!
Right now I'm just quite thankful,
that it's not another Monday.



  1. Whenever I have Monday off then Tuesday becomes my Monday..but then it's Wednesday and I'm thinking the week is almost over and the weekend is calling my name! Ha! You have a gift for sales..you advertised that cutting board perfectly! I love it...and I do use one often...but that one is really a gem! We had tons of rain again last night..and storms that blew through as I was mowing the yard and had to quickly stop and head for shelter!...but after tomorrow we're suppose to have a run of dry weather..we've had rain for 15 days straight..and I'm molding! Hope you guys get some nice weather soon too! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Ha! I remember those days, Yaya! ^_^ I had one of those 'wicky wacky' long weekend/no weekend, kind of schedules myself 'back-in-the-day'! ^_^ ... I don't miss it! LOL...Hey, thanks for the complement about my gift for sales! :-) Truth is...I DON'T have a gift for sales...unless it's something I really like! I've tried that too...'back-in-the-day'! ^_^ Seems I need to see something good that I like in it, or else...I'M OUT!!! LOL The cutting board was easy. I LOVE it!!...About the rain...same here...sorta. O_O We've been getting weird rotating wall clouds and cottony skies with thunder and lightening flashes on occasion....just weird! O_O I hope your skies clear u soon....Mold is no fun!! ^_^ Have a happy, hopefully rain-free, Wednesday! :-)

  2. Glad you are ok :) love the chopping board, it would have to be for display as you are right, too good for chopping on!

    Bee happy x

    1. Yes, I'm good! :-) And we are in agreement about that gorgeous chopping board! :-) ... Have a good day! ♥


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