Friday, July 26, 2013

'Virtual' Friday...Woohoo!!...and Things I'm Loving Right Now!

        Woohoo! It's another 'Virtual' Friday Date Day for me!! :-) And guess what?!....I have no idea where we're going! O_O I'm sure it can't be far because hubby didn't ask me to pack or anything. :-)) He did give some clues away though, so I 'think' I know where we're going. It's not far from where we live...It's a place to hear good music...and eat good food! That's all I require out of a good date!....Well, music, food, and a hubby in a good mood! ^_^ 
       It's raining out right now too, so a good mood is a definite 'must have'! I mean who wants to go on a date with a tall, dark, and handsome man whose in a bad mood?!....Uhhhhh....not me! ^_^ On rainy days I usually have enough cranky, achy bad mood and pain for the occasion all by myself anyway, thank you very much!! LOL

      Moving on!!...Let me share a few of the things I'm loving right now! :-) Rest assured that rain and dark clouds will not be included, no matter how, what, where, when, or why they show up!!! :-) ...

      "Hoo!....Hoo!"....^_^ Oh yeah, I forgot 'who'!! LOL...No matter who makes them show up!! ^_^ ... Just kidding!! LOL

      Speaking of why, why do I love chicken photographs?!! O_O The answer is as the sands of the sea...many. And if you're standing in the rain while you're listing get wet! ^_^ Yes! I am in a very silly mood today! ^_^ It's a great time to have flow of consciousness blog writing, don't you think?! LOL
       Back to what I was showing you...

     I'm loving all of the artist's paintings lately! Especially the ones of their pets, rooms, and houses. I think it's so cool that people are so talented, first of all, and then 'home-minded', second of all! :-) ...Speaking of which, home is a great place to go on a date too!...just saying. :-] *Don't listen to that for today, honey!*

       Yes, buttons! I'm loving the buttons of all kinds, sizes, and colors lately!...even though I haven't actually been using my buttons on any of my projects! O_O I want to, but for now I need to make what my customers want. And my customers want BOUTONNIERES! :-) In fact I sold a whole slew of them last night!...It made me very happy!! :-)

     I'm also loving any kind of dishcloths right now!...but especially colorful ones, with any kind of flowers! :-)

    And 'NEWS JUST IN', on Fridays I just have to eat something good! And when I saw this photograph on Etsy I said out loud: GOOD!!!!! ^_^ ... I go to eat something 'good' for breakfast, before I plan ahead to eat something 'good' for dinner tonight on my date with my hubby! ^_^ Yep! That's all it's about today!! ^_^ ... So, what are you up to today?! Whatever it is, don't fret or fuss over anything this weekend. Just have a good one!! :-)


There are things in our lives
that we try to hide;
And others that we show
with the utmost pride.

Things we didn't  say,
that we wish we did;
And others-said in anger,
when we 'Flipped our lid!'

People that we wish
we'd  tried harder with;
Others who, when asked about,
we'll 'Take the 5th'.

Things we never tried,
because it cost too much;
And times we pushed ourselves,
when price was not the crutch.

Hurdles that we climbed-
with our hands-and in our mind;
Others we're  still climbing,
every day-from time to time.

People we forgave,
because it was the best for us;
Life is just too short,
over 'Things' to make a fuss. 


  1. I'm lovin' some of the same things you are this morning. I spent a long time this morning looking at the stones. Great shop! I forgot about her and I'm glad I was reacquainted! Whatever you do on your date night, I know you'll love. Have a wonderful day and evening too! :)

    1. ^_^ YAY! I knew I couldn't be the only one loving buttons and dishcloths, paintings, brooches, stones, and good stuff to eat!! LOL...Thanks for the support my friend! ♥ Have a good weekend! :-)

  2. what a fun blog and beautiful blog....happy friday,
    Lucy Snowe

    1. Thank you Lucy! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :-) Have a good weekend!!


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