Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beauty in Days and Etsy!

     Yes, I know it's not morning everywhere! :-)) But the 'Good Morning' print was too cute to pass up. And...it's morning here! ^_^ And it's a beautiful morning too! The weather man says that it's gonna be only one of two 'beauties'...in the way of beautiful days.... because tomorrow is suppose to be beauty also!....I'll take it!! :-)
      We've been having off and on rain, 'spritzing', darkness, and fog...So, sunshine, low humidity, and temperatures in the low 80s is GREAT!! :-] I agree...beauty! :-)

     With the nicer weather has come less aching in my bones and muscles, more nectar in the hummingbird feeder, and sales picking up in my Wuglyees shop!! YAY!! It's gonna be a good anniversary for me this week!! :-) Before I take off to start enjoying it though, let me show you a couple of other beauties, and cuties, I found in my Etsy search this morning!...

       I LOVE those stones...the shapes and colors almost made me drool!.....What?!...Too much information?!....Okay, pretend you didn't read anything about drool! ^_^

     But right next to that 'beauty' was this one too! (below)...

  (Red Flower Statement Bib Necklace by KisspatFeather)

       Boy, does she know how to make a statement necklace, or what?!! :-)

       And then I spotted this cutie (below)...Meow! :-) ...

     All day long you can look down at your wrist and say: "Hello Kitty, what time is it?!" ^_^ What can I say...a mind with seven hours of good sleep, waking up to sunshine, and the forecast for a beautiful day, flips around in the brain and thinks like that!! LOL

      Moving on!!.....Here's another beauty I found!...

      It's almost too beautiful to eat out of, don't you think?! :-)

     And last of all, this cutie...

     I love compact leather pouches!...although mine wouldn't carry credit cards. I'm trying to stay out of debt like that!! ^_^ Mine would carry grocery store cards and stuff like that. In my mind it's not about what's in a thing...it's about the thing!! ^_^ ...unless we're talking about my stomach! Then it's about what's in a thing!!! ^_^
     Speaking of which.....breakfast is calling! :-) Have a good sunshiny day, Everybody!! :-) And if you don't get sunshine today, live i hope, like we were doing. LOL Sometimes hope springs forth good things...like beautiful mornings!! :-)


The sun is peeking through.
Its beam is flowing to the ground.
The Autumn at it's new peak,
and the leaves are fluttering down.

A baby girl's joyous laughing,
legs and arms kicking everywhere.
A mother, when she's  nursing,
playing with her baby's  hair.

The gentle rain, when falling
on a southern old tin roof.
A toddler's gap-faced grinning,
when they've lost their first front tooth.

A man with long, bow legs,
walking slowly down the street.
A colorful new spring flower,
visited by a bumble bee.

A person who is kind,
and smiles at everyone they meet.
An artist's painted picture,
with the last brush stroke complete.

An "I love you" that's been said
just because they wanted to;
and the person that gives hugs
when they hear an "I love you".
(And there's  other beauty too.)

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