Friday, July 5, 2013

It Has Stolen My Colorful Heart!!

      If you've looked closely at the header photo...and you love color like I do...then it's probably stolen your heart too! I just LOVE this sofa!! :-) It looks good on an angle...It looks good looking at the arm rest close up...

     ...It looks good from the back...

      ...It looks good staring at the backing close up...

     ...and it looks good if you look at it 'straight on'!!! :-] ...

     I think the reason I love it so much...besides that fabulous color all over it everywhere! the fact that I have an old sofa shaped sorta like it in hubby's 'man cave' room....Actually, I have two of them!...

     ...And, thanks to namedesignstudio, I now can see the possibility of what they could be....what they 'could' look like!...if they were reupholstered...again!! ^_^ ...Anybody wanna do it for me?!! LOL

      Considering how great this shop's furniture looks, I almost wish I could just get them to do my sofas for me!! ^_^ Look at some of the other pieces in the shop!...

       And my favorite piece, besides the striped wing patchwork sofa?!.......It's a chair! :-) ...

      Yep! A sofa and a chair have stolen my colorful heart today!! :-) 

       Thankfully I'm not the only lover of color! The buyers in my Wuglyees shop love color too! :-) A customer bought some of my colorful boutonniere and lapel pin 'babies' last night! :-) ... So I'm off to get some breakfast, and get a package ready to ship! :-) Have a good and colorful day, Everybody!!

Some Days

Some days the things that happen
leave you craving for some more.
Some days the things that happen
heave you running for the door.

Some days it's good to know
that you are stronger than you think.
Some days it's good to know
your eyes will automatically blink.

Some days you need some color
because you're done with black and white.
Some days the color comes
and flies you higher than a kite!


  1. Wow...want want want lol...fabulous sofa love it
    Hugs x

    1. ^_^ Get in line, Sue! I want them too!!!...Of course, I'm waiting for my big paycheck from being a world class poet first! Ha! Ha!...Needless to say,...Uhhhh...I'm just gonna be looking at that colorful 'baby'!! LOL


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