Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Morning!...You 'KNOW' What's For Breakfast!!

       What's for breakfast in your house?!...It's Sunday here. So I know you already know what we're having, right?! ^_^ That's why I don't have a lot of time this morning. I woke up late, and I still have a bit of studying to do before my meeting...*sleep issues overtook me yesterday! LOL*
      Before I head off though, let me share a couple of 'cuties'!...

      WOOD!!! Love it! :-)

     I have a shipment to get out today, a meeting to attend, a mother-in-law to check on, some friends to call and chat with, some boutonniere replacements to crochet, and a hubby to nuzzle. :-) Other than's just Pancake Sunday as usual!! :-)

      Enjoy yours. I'm sure gonna enjoy mine!! :-))

Waffle Snob?!

I love the way the pancake runs
right off the side and down my plate!
But on a waffle it just sits
like sticky blocks in a crate!

I love the way a pancake looks,
like it's soft to the touch.
But that thing with lumpy grooves?...
I mean a waffle, not so much!

I like the way a pancake
almost melts in your mouth!
But a trip across my tastebud with a waffle?
...heading south!

Buttering a waffle
 is like corn on the cob.
The ears are perked up,
but it's a messy, slow moving job!

One day I'm sure I'll like 'em,
if they ever stay warm enough.
But for now, let's just say,
Waffles get my nose rebuff!


  1. I love how browned your pancakes are! How do they come out like that!?
    Yum!!!! I'm afraid I had eggs and a half of a grapefruit. Wasn't nearly as yummy as that looks!

    1. They brown beautifully with...Butter!! ^_^ We fry them slowly in pure butter. They brown, and taste, better that way. :-) I have to say though, an egg and a half a grapefruit is good too!!...But not as tasty as pancakes...true! ^_^

  2. I never seem to take the time to eat breakfast on Sunday but I do love pancakes! I also love waffles..but anything with syrup can't be bad..don't get me started on french toast..YUM! Happy Sunday!

    1. I think Sunday morning breakfast has been a big deal in my life since I was a kid! Something about the end of a long week, and getting in a good mood for the week ahead. :-) And you just can't eat pancakes all the time, so they need a special time set aside to ENJOY them!! ^_^ But waffles?!.....not so much. LOL

  3. (This comment is being delivered by me via Etsy convo...because the commenter is not a blogger and can't comment personally.)

    Thank you for including my set of magnets in your very nice blog!
    "What a lovely invitation to take a few moments to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I can't imagine what our lives would be like without Sundays and Sunday mornings! Thank you for reminding all of your readers that it is precious moments like these that make for lasting memories which we treasure in our hearts forever." - Linda Henry tornpapermemories

    1. Hi Linda! :-) It was my pleasure to include your pretty magnets!...And Oooooo!...*cold shiver!* without peaceful, pancake filled, Sunday mornings!! O_O ... Nahhhhh! I don't even wanna think about it!!! ^_^ Thank you for the comment, and have a good week!


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