Saturday, July 6, 2013

Varied Variegated!

       Nothing silly to talk about today....And no 'Ramen Noodle' talk either! ^_^ Today I'm just gonna share my excitement about my new DMC variegated thread! I got it in the mail the other day, and went to work on making a couple of new flowers. :-)
       But before I show you the new variegated thread flowers, let me show you the difference in these variegated threads. The blue one below was one of the boutonniere flowers I made with the variegated thread hubby bought me as a gift the other day...

       ...And so are these two...

       I really like them!...So when I ordered the new thread I thought it would be sorta like these, but just in different shades of color!...But boy was I wrong!!!...The new variegated thread is soooooooo different!!
       The one below is called "Tropical Waters"...

       I have to tell you that my photographs don't do it justice AT ALL! The variegation of this thread is soft and subtle...almost like the highlights that you put in a person's hair!...

    My camera is picking up only the blue of the flower, but to the eye it has subtle lavender and mint green shades too!...

        And this one (below) is another one of the colors I got in the mail. It's called "Toasted Almond"...

     I wish the camera could really show it to you!!...

     Click on the photo and look at it enlarged though. It might give you a better idea of why I'm so excited!! :-)

     The only problem is that I only got one small skein of each of the three colors I got! O_O The other color, "Stormy Sky", is the one I'm gonna make a boutonniere out of today. But then I'm gonna have to wait until I get some extra money to order some more!
     It's a bit more expensive than my other threads, and my local yarn and thread shops don't carry it! I think it's new to them too!!...I can see though, that this is gonna make a great boutonniere series in my shop!!...Maybe I can get DMC to send me some free exchange for some excited advertising! ^_^ What do you think?!...Will it work?! Ha! Ha!
      Anyway!...I'm off to get some breakfast, do some talking about my God, Jehovah, to anybody that wants to listen, watch the women's tennis final at Wimbledon, and do some crocheting. That's my Saturday in a nutshell!! ^_^ What are you up to today?!...Have a good one, Everybody!! :-)

I wish I was a seahorse

I wish I was a seahorse;
with a curly floating tail,
and I lived in open oceans,
not in Massachusetts' rainy jail.

I could waste a lot of time,
look for things that I could bite.
Oh, but how would I crochet?
Sing with bubbles, also write?

Okay, I guess I'll be a Wug;
Make my flowers, jewelry too.
I can always just be 'wet'.
In this town, easy to do!


  1. Hope your day went well Deb!

    Wow I never knew the name of that thread/yarn. In graphic design terms, color variances are called a "gradient" lol. It looks like a gradient spiral lol. It's very nice and yeah that thread is expensive! Maybe you can find some on eBay or Amazon?

    1. Hi Denise! :-) Yes, my day went great! Much better than expected even...because I got a load of sleep at the end of it too! ^_^ ...As to the thread, yeah!...expensive!...And even more so when you have to pay shipping on top of it! O_O But it's soooo pretty anyway!...I don't think ebay has any, because it's so new to the market. But I'll check! ^_^ Thanks for the tip. Have a nice rest of the weekend!


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