Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pancake Sunday...Without Pancakes?! O_O

      Yes, I know. My 'Pancake Sunday' header photo should be of a plate of pancakes, or something that looks like pancakes, right?! But, considering the fact that I'm barely awake, and that my stomach doesn't even wanna look at a 'bloaty' pancake right now, it's got to be a carafe of coffee!...It's gotta be!!! ^_^
     Maybe I'll have a couple of pancakes for dinner...just so the 'Pancake Sunday' theme will stay intact! LOL But for this morning, I'm leaning more toward something more...Ummmm...fishy! :-] ...

     ^_^ Etsy sellers make my heart smile!...Look at that cute catfish bath buddy!!! :-)

     As I was saying, I'm leaning toward a breakfast more fishy, and less bloaty. So I decided on catfish and know, something like this!...

      Okay!!...not exactly like that! ^_^ Although I know somebody out there thinks that catfish look just like that!! LOL

      I'm talking about catfish that looks more like this, when it's in it's natural habitat...

       ...And more like this, when it's in 'MY' natural habitat!! LOL...

     YUM!!! :-)

     So, sorry. No pancakes today. And hubby was ready to make me some too!! "Thanks, Honey!" No, I'm gonna eat my catfish and grits, and sip on my green tea this morning...For lunch or dinner I'll probably sneak those pancakes in...along with a heaping piece of cheesecake with cherries on top!! :-) Oh!...did I forget to mention that hubby made cheesecake yesterday?!...I'm sorry...sorta. ^_^
      And no, I'm not gonna show you! Some things are better not shown, because it would just be cruel and unusual punishment!! ^_^ But, just for you, I'll lick my lips a little extra after I eat it!! LOL...Sorry again. :-)) 
      Have a happy Sunday, Y'all!! Spend it in good and loving communication with your family. Our 'Watchtower' magazine had really good reminders about that today. I look forward to talking and listening to my friends discuss it at the meeting today. :-) It reminded me of a poem I wrote a while ago about teenagers too. I'll leave it below...Have a happy!!! :-)

 Dreaded Teenager

She was our little daughter,
with a playful, happy grin;
Now this teenager replaced her-
and our nerves are all on end!

She Was confident and sure;
Now, her self-esteem seems lowered;
She would entertain herself;
But now, no matter what, she's  bored.

She loved raising up her hand,
giving comments from the heart;
Now, she's  hesitant and shy;
Being bold's a long lost art.

She used to love her sandals;
Now, its all about 'the boot',
She Would wear clothes to keep warm;
Now, she'd  rather be cold-and 'cute'!

What happened to the little girl
who just couldn't wait to please;
Who would run and jump and play,
with a giddy kind of ease?

She's  now a dreaded teenager!
These years have come too fast;
and my only consolation
is that soon this too shall pass!

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