Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Birth Of A Salesman

      Yep! I'm 'at it' again! ^_^ But this time the subject isn't Ramen noodles, or Soft N Dri deodorant, or any number of other silly things I've talked about on this blog! Today the subject is salesmen! :-) Or should I say 'one' particular salesman. :-] My husband!
     My mind, when I saw my hubby heading for the door this morning...dressed in his best suit,  and sporting one of my boutonnieres on his lapel...was suddenly full of a bunch of idioms and phrases, like...'Necessity is the mother of invention'...'There's a sucker born every minute'...'a penny saved is a penny earned'...'nothing ventured, nothing gained'...'just do it!' LOL 
      What's happening is that our funds are getting very sparse! O_O And, unfortunately, sustainable food and shelter isn't being given away free down at the corner drug store! ^_^ So we're doing some scrambling about different ways to make some quick cash!...and selling my boutonnieres to a bridal/wedding crowd is somewhere close to the top of the list! :-)
      So, hubby is gonna go around to some different bridal/tuxedo shops today and feel out the potential customer base. He has a box with some of my best-selling boutonniere and lapel pins, along with a bunch of business cards...I wish he had a salesman's case...something like this...

        I have one...but it's not leather. It's fabric. I think the leather would look so much more professional...I mean, I don't want him heading off to one of these fancy bridal places, with all of the gorgeous white gowns and black tuxedos hanging in the windows, carrying a plaid blue fabric tote, and looking like 'Ghetto Charlie'!! LOL
      I want him to look 'pulled together', professional, friendly...

     ...and looking like whatever he's carrying....they just HAVE to have some!!! ^_^

     This isn't his first stint in the sales department. He used to be a salesman for a famous knife company...but he didn't like it....At All!! He couldn't wrap his brain around why people would pay such exorbitantly high prices for cutlery!!...especially considering that his wife cuts potatoes and meat over the sink, and prefers to do all of her kitchen prep work with an unsharpened knife! LOL
     To his credit this morning though, he's actually excited to go to the bridal places carrying my boutonnieres and lapel pins! :-) That's a good husband for you...supportive to the end!...Or is it one of these situations where getting some food in his mouth, any way he can, is a stronger incentive than fear of rejection?!! ^_^ I choose to believe the former...That's a supportive wife for you!...a supportive wife, with a first class salesman/hubby on her hands! :-))

      I'll let you know how it goes! :-] ... In the meantime, I've got to get to crocheting!!!!! Suppose they want hundreds of them in a short period of time?! O_O YIKES! What am I getting myself into?!...I can hear my rainy day bones screaming already, can't you?! LOL...And who am I kidding anyway?!...hundreds!....Yeah, right!! ^_^ Oh Well, a girl can dream....and go crazy!!! LOL
      Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

No Need For A Poem

There's no need for a poem
about the love that we both share.
No pretty words about our life,
our great affection, loving care.

No need for poetry of how
I've loved him since I was a kid.
No, there's no need for such a poem,
but I guess that I just did!


  1. Hi Poetesswug,
    just saying hi to the supportive wife, with a first class salesman/hubby on her hands.
    enjoy your Evening

    1. ^_^ Hi!...right back atcha!! ♥

  2. I know people are going to want those boutonnieres in their shops!! They're awesome!!! I'll be praying that things work to your advantage today, and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!!
    You are a supportive wife and you are married to a VERY supportive husband too!!!!

    1. Awwwwww! Thank you, my friend!!! ♥ I hope you're right, and that by this time next week my shop is empty!! ^_^ See how delusional I am!! LOL...Keep praying just the same though!! ^_^


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