Saturday, July 27, 2013

Time To Say Goodbye.....*Sigh*

        Before my 'Goodbye' sounds too dire, let me tell you that it's not a goodbye to a person! It's a goodbye to some items currently in my shop. It's time...*sigh*...time to let them expire and be gone from my online venue.
       The reason is because the U.S. Postal Service has gone waaaaaaay up on the prices for shipping things out of the country. To the point where shipping anything weighty ends up costing ridiculous amounts of money...more than the item itself!!
      Case in point: I shipped a few boutonnieres to the U.K. recently. Usually the same package would've cost me around $5.00 to ship. This time it cost me more than $12.00. MORE than a boutonniere!! O_O And frankly, with the 'Wug' family's current financial down-turn, we just can't afford to be generous with those kind of prices anymore!
      So, I'm gonna have to find some way to sell my scarves and pocketbooks off-line. The shawl in the header photo, which I spent hours and hours on, and which weighs about as much as a small child!,...has to go..."Bye Bye, Pretty Baby." :-(
       And this one has to go too...

      It's also a heavy 'baby'!...It's probably all of that love they're so full of! ^_^ 

      For the time being they're still in the shop. But it won't be long before they're gone. Some of the scarves and other items already expired. I'm about to send them packing to a consignment store...or something!
      Here are a couple of the scarves that are about to head out the door too!..

      If any of you are interested in them, you can click on the photos and go over to the listing that has the price and the description, size, materials, and so forth...I know I'm gonna end up on the losing end of the deal, with the cost of the shipping being ridiculous, but for the time being I wanted to give my 'babies' an opportunity to go to a good home. And I know that if any of my blog readers bought them they'd be heading off to sunny skies, open fields, and lots and lots of adventure! ^_^
      That's where I headed last night for our virtual date too! :-)  Sunny skies, open fields, and lots and lots of adventure!....Not really. We went to New York! :-)) There were no sunny skies or open fields anywhere! ^_^ But we did have banana splits and refreshing, adventurous naps! :-))
       I got really tired and had to say 'Goodbye' to the big city early...just like I have to say 'Goodbye' to my crochet 'babies' soon...and to you NOW!! ^_^ 'Goodbye!' See you tomorrow! :-)

Ease By Rhyme

To ease my mind,
I jot down a rhyme.

When forced to think,
my brain cells link.

With emotions on paper,
anxieties taper.

With the flow of my pen,
I'm  at peace again.

And to jot down this rhyme,
brought ease to my mind.


  1. Well, that just SUCKS! That black shawl is absolutely gorgeous! I wish you luck selling those items without having to ship them. I liked your comment about them being so heavy because they are so full of love. That's exactly how I feel about my stuff too!

    1. Thanks for the 'love' for my shawl, Pammy Sue! :-] And for the well wishes for my shipping issues. I was just given some input on an option I can try, but I'm still up in the air about it. Only time will tell!...By the way, Thank you for the comment. Keep getting better, and crocheting your time away! :-)

  2. Ugh, bummer! Your pieces are so gorgeous! I'm sure they will sell quickly even before the cooler weather! ;)

    1. Hi Teresa. :-] Thank you so much for the nice words about my crochet items. And I hope you're right about them selling. I'd hate to have done all of that work just to let them sit in my house!! ^_^ Anyway!...Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :-]


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