Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just Because I Wanna Talk About It!!

     I had a subject that I was gonna share on the blog this morning, but that was before I woke up hungry. And before I got a phone call from my girlfriend who I haven't talked to in a long time!...Let me just stop right here and say: "I love my girlfriends!!!" :-]
     And after talking to my girlfriend, the thing I was gonna talk about....I don't wanna talk about any more!! In fact, all I want is some chicken friend steak and some flavored mashed potatoes with gravy!...Comfort food!
      This old world is doing a number on all of us, isn't it!!!! :-( It makes us thankful for the things we can find to smile chicken fried steak, and mashed potatoes with gravy! :-)
         ...beautiful flowers!...

       ...good writing materials! :-) ...

       ...and good places to display things that make you smile! :-) ...

        Why did I talk about any of this today?!....Ohhhh...Just because I wanted to! ^_^ And...PROGRAMMING ALERT!...I may do the same thing tomorrow!! LOL Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Struggle To Raise Your Head

Now, who am I to say
the way that others ought to live;
But my pep talk, to help you through,
I'm  motivated, now, to give.

The struggles of this system
are an alert-to raise your head;
To put one foot before the other,
and not lay down like you are dead.

Many things are just not fair.
They seem to happen just to you;
But is crying and complaining
all that you can find to do?

Use the logic of your mom-
who made you finish every drop,
and think of others who were hungry
for the food you left for slop.

In other words, just say
to yourself-when feeling bad:
"Look at all the other struggles
that the ones I love have had."

It doesn't  make it go away.
It doesn't  make your trials less real;
But it may make you raise your head,
and how you think,-and how you feel!


  1. This old world IS doing a number on ALL of us!! No one is immune anymore, even if things look right on the outside. It's a struggle to serve Jehovah these days and I'm so thankful for all the encouragement he gives us through the literature, meetings, conventions, elders, etc.!! Hang in there my friend! It's almost over!!

    Thank you so much for sharing my necklace this morning!! And that steak.....yummo!!!!

    Have a great day!

    1. This old world sure "is" doing a number on us!!!...But thankfully, as you said, we have a lot of help and encouragement to endure through it. That includes the encouraging words from dear friends like you! ♥ Thank you my friend!


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