Sunday, July 14, 2013

Whatever...I'm Late Anyway!

       Hello!....Yes, I'm still alive! ^_^ I'm just really late getting the blog up this morning. I got up late...after a long, long night of sleeping. (I went to bed before 9 p.m.) And after I was up, hubby and I got into one of 'those' long conversations! ^_^ Then I looked up and...."WHOA! Look at the time!!!!"
       Now I truly do understand the expression about how times flies! LOL

      I'm not gonna be hanging around here long. I'm still nursing a somewhat uncooperative stomach. I'm gonna try to keep it on the 'low, low' today food-wise. I'm hunting organic apples and apple juice. YUM!!...Blech! LOL
      Thankfully, my mind is gonna get much better food than my stomach today...spiritual food! :-) In fact, that was part of what hubby and I were already doing this morning. We listened to part of a magazine article about the 'Sand Cat' on the JW.Org website. :-) Very interesting!...I've got to grow more hair on my feet! ^_^

      All of the clocks today are from an Etsy shop called walldecoration. I found it when I was trying to find some 'time' this morning. ^_^ The clocks are so interesting, aren't they?!...I figured I'd stop and show them to you because...

      My plans today include my meeting at the Kingdom Hall, apple sauce, hummingbirds, folded clothes, crocheted boutonnieres and brooches, lots of distilled water, giggles and a bit of reminiscing. :-) What about yours?!...Have a good one, whatever! :-))

Remember Being Little?

Do you remember being little?
Wish you could stay like that?
Playing 'Hopscotch' in the yard,
and dressing up in your Mama's hat?

Do you remember getting attention
just by smiling, being you?
Singing into pens and brushes?
Getting dimes for things you drew?

Do you remember flannel Pjs,
with the closed in, too warm, feet?
Or the shiny patten leathers
you couldn't play in in the street?

Do you remember bouncy curls?
Wish your hair would do that now?
Or your first grade stage performance
with your shy and humble bow?

Do you remember being little?
Wake up and wonder where you're at?
Make yourself go back to sleep;
Then dream the world is just like that?

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