Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Couldn't Sculpture This!

      We have no wind in our backyard.....NONE! What we do have is H-E-A-T!!! O_O ... Oh Yeah!...we're in the midst of a long heatwave! I mentioned yesterday...and the day before that...and the day before that too probably!! Let me just say: "I'm thankful for air conditioning!!"
     And my mother-in-law, who is as hardy as a standing oak tree normally, was thankful for the air conditioning too!!...Because the temperature rises so fast from early morning, her house became like a sauna! Fans blowing in her living room were like a brisk wind blowing in the Sahara!!! I was so glad to have her here with me, in the cool!
     And no, we don't have hardly any wind in the backyard. That's why the windswept willow tree sculpture caught my eye this morning. :-) And that led to me looking at the other talented pieces from this Etsy shop!...

      Talented with wire, isn't he?! :-) ... But wire isn't his only medium. Look at this cute birdhouse! :-) ...

       I would love to see my little backyard birdies flitting in and out of there!! :-) And if I could figure out how to get some hummingbird nectar in there...even better!! ^_^ I haven't had a whole lot of action around the hummingbird feeder since night before last though. I think the heat is a bit much, even for hummingbirds with nesting to do!

     Speaking of nesting, I'm gonna be in my nest, and calm....hopefully! That is if the electricity doesn't go out or something! O_O On the news last night they talked about the amount of energy that's being used in the area. They said we didn't have to worry about it for now. All grids are stable. But it was the 'FOR NOW' statement that made my left eyebrow raise up!! ^_- LOL
      I have crocheting to do!!! I need COOL!! :-] 

       More variegated flowers coming today! :-) Otherwise....NOTHING! Not even wind blowing!! :-) Have a good day, Everybody!


It's hot as it can be,
but I'm not feeling it. I'm cool.
I'm a friend of air conditioning.
My mama didn't raise no fool!

I'm cuddling up with cold ice tea,
tying up my bushy hair.
Getting lots of projects going,
cuz I'm not going anywhere!!

I'll spend lots of time just talking,
(for which I have a knack!)
Go ahead, heatwave, keep waving.
From inside, I'll just wave back!

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