Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reasons Why My Hubby Might Be Looking Like This?!

      Oh Yeah...I've seen this look before!...many times! But what do 'YOU' think my hubby is looking this way for now?!...Don't break your 'thinker'. ^_^ I'll tell you in a minute. 
         But for the sake of having something silly to talk about, let's pretend that I don't know why he's looking like that, and discuss some possibilities as to why. :-) ...Could it be that he just got through looking at the news on television, with endless talking about the government shutdown, and the report of yet another ship disaster with over 60 some odd people dead, has totally 'wore him out'?!! O_O
          No. That's not!!!!!!

     Could it be that he just cannot believe how far I went to find information about his 'creepy crawly' thing?!...

     Oh yes I did!! :-) ... Especially after Cindy...Thanks Cindy!! :-)) ...said that the little 'spikey things' on him could hurt you if you touched them! O_O
        I went on the Google search of the a crazy person!! :-)) And I found out stuff too!!...I found out that it has a real name...other than 'creepy crawly' I mean. ^_^ It's a  SPOTTED TUSSOCK MOTH (technical name = Lophocampa maculata, larva). :-) ... And Yaya, while it is in the family of the "woolly bear" caterpillar, they're not exactly the same.
        I also found out the it eats the kind of trees we have here in the backyard. And that he probably was on the ground, and out of the trees, because he was looking for somewhere to 'pupate'! O_O ... And when he changes, what will this caterpillar moth look like?!...

       Amazing, right?!...He's all fuzzy and spotted, and has those attention getting spikey lashes, now. But when he changes he'll be...'PLAIN'!...Almost colorless and not noticeable! O_O Sorta like women getting ready to go out on a 'virtual' date...but in reverse!! LOL...And just as a point of clarification, my lashes do not end up spikey, and will not hurt you if you touch them....promise!!! ^_^

      Okay...back to why hubby is looking like that. :-) Did he fall asleep waiting for me to play Scrabble with him...because I was trying to finish up my new 3 crochet flowers set for my Wuglyees shop?!...

      ...I had to finish a 3-layer brooch, a boutonniere, and a tiny lapel pin...

       I put a different backing on each, so that the customer can choose which one they want, and give two away if they want to! :-)

     The NO! :-)) Usually when I'm crocheting he's somewhere else doing whatever hubbies do to avoid staring at their wives crocheting! LOL
        The reason hubby is looking like that is simply because he was tired!...We got a phone call in the middle of the night...a phone call that frankly I slept through, and he didn't wanna wake me up to tell me! But when I woke up in the middle of the night for 'other reasons' ^_^ he told me the bad news with the phone call. :-(
        We ended up talking for quite a while...into the morning in fact. And then, as things go, our day was full of errands and 'to do' things that just had to get done NOW!...including him getting a hair cut...So, when I started a random 'rambling' conversation about something or we usually do...he was saying: "Uh huh.....Uh huh.....Yeah......Uh huh". But when I looked up...the photo shows the rest of the story. ^_^
     Thankfully we got a bit more sleep last night, so let's see what today will bring, shall we?! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Bald Poem

A poem that will celebrate
all the wonders of my man's hair.
A poem that feels sorry for
his hair no longer there.

A poem that shows puzzlement
from him at women's weaves.
A poem that sympathizes
with his hair-line as it leaves.

A poem that says a "YAY!"
to the people who are bald.
A poem that blows a kiss and says
"I'm sorry dear, that's all!" 


  1. Sorry for more bad news Wug. Seems to be an epidemic at your house lately. Good news is out there though! You know that!
    You're welcome on the wooly beast thingie! :D
    Enjoy your day and tell hubby to get some sleep! LOL

    1. Hi, Bead!...Yep! Bad news keeps coming!...but we keep the 'good news' in our heads and keep putting one foot in front of the other! :-] ... And it's good news that the wooly beast thingees are taking over the backyard! ^_^ It was just the far. *looking left and right* LOL Have a good day, my friend! ♥


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