Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weather To Make Your 'Hoopty' Talk!


     With what we had outside our window this morning, we almost didn't want the day to start!...but it had to start. And it had to start very early too!...I'll show you what was outside the window in a minute, but first I wanted to tell you why my day had to start so early...and show you some 'cuties' from Etsy that made the early starting day an alright thing! ^_^
      My day had to start early because I had visitors at 7 a.m.!!! O_O Yep! I said 7 a.m.!!!!...It was the beginning of another long conversation about my health...*sigh*...Nothing life threatening. Just thinking-brain-cell-threatening! Ugh!...I think I'll be driven crazy...unless this change thing goes ahead and changes already!!! LOL 
       In the meantime...I'm thankful I have things to make me smile, like octopuses (or is it octopi?! ^_^)like in the header photo...And ice cream! (below)...sorta. ^_^ ...


     In other words, thanks to Etsy, I had ice cream to 'look' at! :-) Funny thing about ice cream...you don't have to eat it to have it put you in a better mood! :-)

     Speaking of things that put you in a better mood, look at these little brooches! :-) ...


     My favorite was the sunglasses. They scream: "Hey! The sun is out! Get in a better mood already!!!" ^_^

     And since my name is 'Deborah'...and that, in Hebrew, means 'Bee'...is it any wonder this perfume caught my attention?! ^_^ ... To 'Bee...or not to 'Bee'!! LOL...


     And lastly, I never saw a leather bag that didn't put me in a better mood!...even if the leather bag was tiny...and was a keychain! :-) ...



     Now, back to reality! :-] I'll be talking about the whole 7 a.m. visit thing in the weeks ahead...Ugh!...But as to what was outside my window this morning....

     ...It's ICE!!!! O_O Tons of it!!...Well, maybe not tons!!....but definitely 'spines' of it!!!

     We're having beautiful 'looking' weather as the day goes along, but it's C-O-L-D!!! Brrrrr!...In fact, we had a temperature...if you can call zero a temperature!...so low this morning that I was sure my visitors weren't gonna show up because they're cars weren't gonna crank!...That's what happened to hubby a couple of weeks ago. He went out to go somewhere...when it was below zero!...and the car said to him: "Uhhhhhh...Oh No you didn't try to crank me up in this weather!" LOL
     Needless to say...he didn't go anywhere until later in the day!! LOL That's what happens when you have a 'hoopty' (old broke down used car) with an attitude!! ^_^ Hubby didn't even try to go out this morning! Who knows what that old car would've been saying to him!! ^_^ And hubby did 'not' wanna hear it!!! LOL

     Okay...I'm off to do some crocheting to ease the mind. :-) ... Sorry for the late posts. Bear with me a little for a bit. I'm going through 'a thing' right now with this old body of mine. But 'better times' are coming!! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody!

...And Ice Cream

Butter Pecan ice cream
and Strawberry Jam;
Country Fried Chicken
and clove-studded Ham.

Banana-Split ice cream
and French-Fried Potatoes;
Macaroni and Cheese
and Fried, green Tomatoes.

Ben and Jerry's ice cream
and Shepherd's Pie;
Candied Yams and Marshmallows
and Turkey on Rye.

Chocolate Swirl ice cream
and Jelly Beans of all kinds,
Double Cheese Burgers
and Barbequed Pork Rinds.

Cheesecake ice cream
and Foot-Long Hot Dogs,
Lay's Potato Chips,
and Warmed up Pecan Logs.

Orange Dream Sickles
(and Fudge Sickles too),
Mushroom Chicken Breasts,
and Chocolate Charleston Chews.

Chocolate Chip ice cream
and Oven-Baked Pork Roast,
a Cinnamon-Raisin Bagel,
or simply a piece of Toast.

Ice Cream is always on the menu.
It always adds that extra "Zing".
No matter whatever else you're having,
it smoothly goes with everything!    


  1. So many cute things! Thank you so much for sharing my ice cream molds on your blog, Deb! :)

    1. As I told you on Etsy, it was my pleasure!! ^_^ I'm happy to at least have ice cream to look at! :-]

  2. Gorgeous creations!Huge congrats and Best Wishes for the future!
    I send your link to my friends.
    Thank very much for including my funny keychain:):):)

    1. Hello Renata! :-) It was my pleasure to share your keychain!! ♥

  3. Goodness those are scary looking icicles :-) while you have the cold we have nothing but flooding and rain and more rain its very depressing. Loving the octopus :-) Have a good day and enjoy your crochet, dee x

    1. Hi Dee! :-) Noooo...not too scary. Just cold! ^_^ And more snow and cold is on the way too!!...Yes, I heard about the flooding!! The photos of homes surrounded by water, with a month's worth of rain gonna fall in a day, were really scary!!! O_O Be safe!!!


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