Wednesday, February 26, 2014


      Have no fear!...I'm still able to talk! LOL...Sorry. I had a bit of an 'Underdog' moment!! Ha! Ha!...Anyway!...I'm still working on this cold of mine...not the snowy cold outside! But this cold in my body!...which is now more of a head cold. I have an annoying cough, and stuffed head, but the fever is gone.
      I'm resting, drinking tea, and...'surprise, surprise!'...crocheting!! :-) Yes, crocheting!! I got a request from a repeat customer to make him two black lapel pins with clutch backs. So, besides staring out the window, watching the occasional bird, and coughing, I've been doing a bit of crocheting.

      I'm not quite feeling myself just yet. And I also have that feeling like my whole schedule is off, and that the 'get-it-back-together' wheels are gonna fall off any minute! ^_^ But I guess that's pretty normal for someone who hasn't done anything but eat and sleep for days! ^_^

      I'm gonna hunt around for something interesting to talk about...when I feel like talking, I mean...Right now....I'm sorry...but I feel like all I have is filler!...Thankfully my filler has words attached!! LOL
      In the meantime, don't mind me! Y'all go and have a good day! :-] Check back tomorrow just to make sure I'm still alive though!!! LOL You know I'll be here talking!...I can't be left alone with a pad and pen, or a typewriter, for long!!! LOL

When I am alone

When I am alone,
with just my pen and pad,
I can talk about myself,
whether I'm  happy, tired or mad.

When I am alone
all the words just fly
from my brain of 'Busy'-ness
to the sight-line of the eye.

When I am alone
there is no veiled conflict;
There is only what I think,
and my ball-point Bic.

When I am alone
I can just be calm;
and if there's  been a fight,
words can soothe like balm.

When I am alone
I confirm, with glee,
that I really like myself
and that "I'd  be friends with me!"

When I am alone
there's  no loneliness;
and what I am feeling
I don't  have to guess-
I just put down pen, and press!

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