Sunday, February 2, 2014

Nothing Earth-Shattering....Just Flowers!

     Okay...just know, right off the bat, that this is not gonna be some earth-shattering, insightful, and deeply revealing blog post. No!...Sorry. But it 'is' gonna have some beauty! :-) ... Some beauty from an Etsy shop called SammyPhoto.

     I shared one of this shop's photos on my post yesterday...the photography wall clock. Later I went back to do a more 'in depth' browse through. And I loved what I saw! Flowers, flowers, and more beautiful flowers everywhere!! :-)

     What gorgeous photographs!! :-) ... So, instead of pouring through my emotions about the memorial talk that was given for my friend at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses yesterday....Soooo beautifully done too, by the way!...I decided to hide behind some flowers today...and some sleep (which I plan to get lots of also!).
     I can tell you one of the stories that was told. The story that made me sob uncontrollably because of it's simplicity and truth...It was the words of the man that drove the moving truck that took my friend on her long journey to her new state of Florida about a month or more ago.
     It was his first time meeting her. But by the time they took the long ride from Connecticut to Florida he could say that it was one of the most fun trips he had ever taken! ^_^ Yep! That was my friend for you!...She was fun to travel with. :-) I know. We traveled around together almost every day while we were 'pioneering' (serving as full time ministers of Jehovah's Witnesses). We laughed, and did so much good for each other. Hopefully we did good for the people we came in contact with too. The people we taught about Jehovah God and his word, the Bible...Oh, I will miss her.
        *sigh*...Back to some photos.

     That's all I can muster for today, Y'all. But yes, I did find something to smile about just the same....It was the rose above. :-) So pretty. :-) ... Have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody! :-)

Let The Poem Say It

Yes, you've been my friend.
For many years you've born that chore.
But we've really been 'heart sisters'
for what seems like many more.

I didn't know I'd love you so.
Although it seemed right from the start,
that we could giggle over nothing
and never want to be apart.

I was friends first with your daughters.
One, a Poet, just like me.
The love for you and your dear husband
poured from them, so soft and free.

But we were 'sisters', 'partners', 'gals'.
The apples of our husband's eyes.
(Good men who spoiled us both a plenty!
The skies from which our suns would rise.)

I've watched you, all these years,
be a friend no one could beat.
And yes, I've seen your anger flare,
No, not the flame, just felt the heat.

The two of us have talked for hours,
cried our way through movies...true.
Well, we've cried through many things!
So, tissue companies...we THANK YOU!

I've seen you faithful to your husband,
and to God. Nothing new.
And seen you faithfully strong through Cancer,
though it took your man from you.

I saw you take care of your mother
with such loving, tender care.
That's why I wish with all my heart,
that now, for YOU, I could be there.

You've lost your husband, mother, friends.
Lost your precious eyesight's view.
Lost ability to drive yourself,
or even see phone numbers too.

But through it all you're just as stubborn!
Like a rock, with fist held high.
With a wink upon your eyelid,
and, I knew,  a secret cry.

Now, the trial of life is bigger,
and the battle is anew.
All the support that you have given
will be given you.

I've always felt you could move mountains.
I've seen you do it many times.
So, get to work on this one, sister.
The fearful mountain, though, is mine.

I fear that you will be too helpless.
That the 'YOU' I know won't be.
That the situations coming
will steal your big personality.

If you could see me writing this
you'd probably yell at me and smile.
So, I just spanked my own left hand.
I love you...see you in a while. 

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