Saturday, February 8, 2014

 (Vintage Ladies Watch Heart Leather Bracelet by WatchesGifts)

     Yikes!...What time is it?! O_O

      Ohhhhhh! I am feeling so old!!...
 (Vintage 1924 Singer Sewing Machine with Wood Coffin Case from CocoAndBear)

       Tired........Old........and hungry!! LOL...

     I was gonna give you a two word blog post, with no photos or anything this morning!...but I decided to go back to bed and see if I felt better later instead. I'm exhausted!...Blech!...Well, it's later! :-) And YAY!...I'm glad I went back to bed! ^_^
     I'm never mad about a little more sleep anyway! ^_^ But I actually think that the 'little more sleep' I got was good for me this time!...I'm still not the ultimate of rested!...but at least my eyes are completely open, and I'm in an upright position!...and now...smiling! :-)
     I even felt good enough to link a few 'cuties' that I found on Etsy! :-) Let's see if you think these are cute too!...Starting with tape! :-) ...

     As those of you who read my blog regularly know, I don't have a cat...and have never had a cat! But for some reason cats make me curious. Is it their "Who are you? Get away from me!" disposition?!...I don't think so. LOL...I think it's more their self confident way of 'being' in the world. They seem to know how to ask for food, and love, when they need it...and how to entertain themselves...without you!...all the rest of the time! ^_^ I call it "CAT-titude!" :-)
     The Washi tape (above) shows their 'cat-titude' perfectly! ^_^ If you're sending a gift to a cat's perfect wrapping tape!

     Also, my regular blog readers know I don't have any children...unless you call my six-foot 'tall glass of handsome water' a child. ^_^ "No!...I didn't call you a child, honey!!" LOL But if I did have a child....I said: "IF!" ^_^...I know he....or she...would love these straws!!...

     How do I know they would love them?!....Uhhhh...because I do! ^_^ They're all colorful...and bubble-y...and fun!! :-) And every fun-colored juice and drink is in the same colors as these straws!! ^_^

     And I don't have to convince anyone that these cupcake liners are cute, do I?!...

     The only thing they're missing is actual cupcakes!! ^_^ ... Speaking of which...*smack, smack*...I could sure use something to eat right about now!...Later, Y'all!! ^_^ Oh Yeah...have a good rest of the weekend! :-) I've got sports to watch, letters to send, phone calls to make, and taxes to prepare...Some fun.....Some NOT!!! LOL I hope all of yours "IS!" ^_^

Doing Taxes

Every year my mind gets taxed,
along with everything I own.
It's time to pay old 'Uncle Sam',
and see if I might need a loan!

It's time to tell the honest truth.
No time to 'fudge', deceive, or 'spin'.
It's now the time to 'pay the Piper'.
Grab those bills. TAX TIME AGAIN!!


  1. I love your finds! Especially that bracelet watch!! Awesome!! Glad you feel better too! Have a great rest of the weekend!

    1. Awww...thanks, Bead! ^_^ I'm so glad you like my 'picks'!...And you have a good rest of the night too...inside....not lost in the snow! Ha! Ha! ♥

  2. Ohhhh I love the watch bracelet- and the kitty tape is way too cute!! More great finds:)

    Taxes make my head hurt!


    1. YAY!...Glad you liked them, Vickie! :-] ... And yep!...Taxes = Headache!!! Ha! Ha!

  3. Taxes? Oh yeah...I almost forgot about that...not really, but thinking about taxes gives me the willies. I'll just look at the cute things on this post and try and worry about taxes later...remember "Tomorrow is another day!" (Scarlett O'Hara)

    1. ^_^ .. Go ahead...forget about taxes and see what happens! Ha! Ha!....On second thought.....YIKES! Ha! Ha!

  4. Beautiful blog! thank you for including my vintage sewing machine :)

  5. Thank you, Kim!...The pleasure was all mine! :-]


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