Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things You Don't Know...And May Not Want To Know...About Me!

      Before I head off into 'word world', let me give you an update on my head's still here. ^_^ The good news though?...It's getting better! YAY!...Something you don't know about me is that I had pneumonia once, years ago, so every time I start getting a bad cold that produces too much mucous...*Sorry. Mucous is a terrible word, I know!, but it had to be said! LOL*...I start getting worried that my small tubes are gonna get clogged up, dry up, cause an infection, and I'll get pneumonia all over again.......and DIE!!! O_O ...Oooo!...That sounded kinda dramatic!........Forget I said it. :-))
       Moving on!! ^_^ ... Did you see those gorgeous rings in the header photo?!...I LOVE them!!...Something you probably don't know about me is that my husband bought me a wedding ring with a pretty design on it...and a separate 1/4 carat engagement ring...On our 20th anniversary he bought me another engagement ring to replace my original...this time over 3 carats!...but I refused to let him replace my wedding band!! I LOVE it!! :-) It reminds me that he had good taste over 30 years ago, in rings, and in wives! ^_^
      Isn't this mug (below) gorgeous?!...

      I love the butterflies! :-) ... Something you don't know about me is that my little 'baby girl' (my friend's daughter) gave me a H-U-G-E wire butterfly years ago. It was about 3 feet tall and wide, at least, and it had rolled wire everywhere. Even the boning of the wings had wire in that you could shape it in different positions.
      I wrapped the wire butterfly around the second floor apartment's balcony, where we lived at the time, and the butterfly hung there, welcoming people to our complex. ^_^ We got so many complements on how it made people smile on their way to and from work. It made us feel great!!...When the weather beat it to a pulp, and I couldn't find another one anywhere...*my 'baby girl' had found it at an out-of-the-way place*...the neighbor's would come by and ask what happened to it!! :-) ... I'm still on the look-out for another large wire butterfly! ^_^

      Now, I know you all know I don't own a dog...right now! But I love dogs...and dog clocks!...

       What you may not know is that hubby and I also LOVE Bengal tigers!...and we have Bengal tiger paraphernalia all over the house! ^_^ Calendars, art, framed post cards, a giant blown-up and framed photo of a Bengal tiger at the zoo, etc...We think they look like us! LOL

      On a whole 'nother species note: I also love my birds! I watch them every day out my window! :-) But what you don't know is that every since I heard about the 'bird flu' I have been a squeamish nut about hubby filling the feeder for the birds!...I make him put on gloves before he touches the feeder, and I watch him like a bird pun intended. ^_^ make sure he doesn't touch anything inside the house with his infected bird feeder hands!!! LOL
      And STILL I got a bad cold!! LOL Go figure!!...Clearly I'm delusional about keeping myself healthy!!...Oh Well! ^_^ Speaking of which, I spent last night with severe pains in my stomach, and throwing up!!...UGH! No, it didn't have anything to do with my head cold...I think I ate something that might've given me food poisoning!!...Sad!...Even with a finicky sometimes 'Howard Hughes' type, like myself.....THEY STILL GET ME, them germs!!! LOL 
      Painless, and with a slightly squeamish stomach this morning, I was thankful just to watch the birds eat!!...I'm 'tea and crackering it' for a bit! ^_^

      Last, but not least for's some flowers!....and buttons! ^_^ ...

      You already know I love flowers and buttons! But what you may not know is that I have some flowery buttons that I've been saving for special projects for my shop...BUT every time I start the special projects...I can't bring myself to put the buttons on them! LOL I convince myself that I have a rare button...sorta like that million dollar rare stamp that somebody found on an old letter!...and I can't part with them. "NO!! I could be throwing away my fortune!!" LOL
      Okay Y'all, I'm clearly back to my talkative self, right?!....Well, what you don't know is that I'm really good at talking, but not good at faking. I feel AWFUL!!!...Back to bed for me!!...But I want you to have a good day!!!! ♥

Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor! How are you?!
Me?!...I guess I'm doing fine.
Yes, I take my medication.
No, my heart has not flat lined.

Yes, I know I'm getting older.
No, I'm not a basket case.
Yes, I'm drinking all my water.
No, I'm not making a face!

Doctor, you are so funny.
Not 'ha! ha!'...The things you ask!
And I'm not sure how to answer.
Who knew questions were a task?!

Bye, bye Doctor! It's been nice,
like root canals done at the Mall.
Yes, I'll see you next go round.
No, I won't forget to call!      


  1. Thanks for the blog post! Loving all the items. Just tweeted to all of my 10000+ followers.

    ;) Licky

    1. ♥ Thanks again, Licky! :-] I just left you a message on Etsy too!!


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