Thursday, February 6, 2014

Veni, Vidi, Vici.........Sorta!

      If you don't know the quote, Veni, Vidi, Vici, let me translate. It literally means: "I came, I saw, I conquered"......I decided to apply it to storm Nika! ^_^ 'It came.....I saw it!.....but it WILL NOT conquer!! LOL
         The Header photo is what the backyard looked like just as the sun rose this morning....Pretty, right?! :-) But what you can't see...because I'm not going out there to get the cold, wet, frozen photos. NO!!! that we got about 10 inches of 'the white stuff'!!...Not the most we've ever gotten, me!'s enough!! ^_^
        During the day yesterday, as the snow was falling fast and furious, it looked so peaceful...calm....almost 'Disney cartoon movie' like!...especially with the birds flitting between the snowflakes on occasion. ^_^

     Then, later in the day, a trench needed to be plowed!! O_O ...

     This morning...the trench is still there...but with some snow in the bottom of it! LOL...

      Hubby is outside shoveling...and helping other neighbors to shovel. He's gonna need a big hug and a kiss, hot apple cider, and a nice warm bath too maybe, when he gets back in here!...And he may also need some quiet time, so that he can thaw out in private! LOL I'm gonna talk 'YOUR' heads that I can be 'tick-a-lock' lip girl for him when he comes back in. ^_^ ....................... Yeah....right!! ^_^

     I never saw a word I didn't wanna manipulate! LOL I come....I see it.....I conquer!!! LOL

     Other than snow, I wanna share a couple of videos I came across this morning....Actually, I saw them referenced on television this morning. :-) They're well worth sharing!...A bicycle guard dog (don't miss the ending)...and a fantastic mother/son wedding dance (don't miss the ending). ^_^ Enjoy, Y'all!!...And have a great day!! :-)


TRAPPED! Another snow storm!
Will this "STUFF" never end?!
We've be wolloped, punched, and socked,
and now?! Another one on the chin!

'Adding insult to the injury',
there will be an inch of ice!
I guess winter thought we needed
just a little 'SCARY' spice!

Do I sound bitter? Sick of it?
About to lose my snowed-in mind?!
Well, that would be correct!
That is, the brain cells I can find!

TRAPPED! Sick of snow,
and it's icicles everywhere!
Good thing I have crochet!
It will replace my pulled out hair!

     (This poem was from a storm we had LAST year!...But some parts of it applied!! ^_^)


  1. That wedding dance was awesome!!! I always wanted to do something like that with my sons when they married! Must have taken a LOT of rehearsal! I LOVE to dance, but my sons and husband are less conservative than that. Boo.... for the snow...once again, I say, "welcome to my world!" It's snowing hard again today and I was hoping to make a run to Hobby Lobby (shouldn't since I'm sicker than a dog), but I'll have to wait till later I see.
    Have a wonderful day my friend! Drink lots of hot liquids and stay warm! :)

  2. ^_^ I agree, Bead!!...Soooo fun!! It reminded me of my brother-in-law's wedding. The whole wedding party rehearsed a dance for the reception!...But the hotel's host took over at the time they were gonna do it (without knowledge that the dance was suppose to occur) and it never happened!! Everybody was so bewildered when they came through the doors and were led off to the side by the host. O_O Oh Well! ^_^ ... Please feel better soon, my friend! And let hobby Lobby wait until you can be your shopping, color picking, YOU! ^_^

  3. Both videos were super fun but the Mom and Son dance was absolutely the best! I loved it! Sure made me can bet she was a good, fun loving Mom! I might have to steal this one and share it! Thanks for the giggles tonight! We didn't get as much snow as you..only about 6in...but we had freezing rain in the was a mess. I'm so sick of Winter! Have a good weekend!

    1. I agree, Yaya...but the dog watching the bike, waiting for his owner to come back, point the bike in the direction of home, and then hopping on, and barking when he was ready to go, was just as cool to me! ^_^ ... And be thankful, about the snow. We're still buried...and have more coming over the weekend!!! Ugh!


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