Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's What I Woke Up To This Morning....!

     Snow, weighing the tree limbs down. And thick snow blanketing the backyard ground....Hey! ^_^ That rhymed!! :-) Although I wasn't trying to rhyme that time! I was just trying to tell you about what I woke up to this morning! ^_^ ...  Look at that! Even when I'm not trying to do it on purpose, my brain is still in 'rhyme mode'!
      Anyway! ^_^ Yes, I woke up to snow everywhere, after a day of snowfall. And guess what?!...While the sun is shining, and the temperatures are above freezing right now...we're due to get a 'doozie' of a snow storm coming in this evening! O_O And rather than just a ground cover of snow this time, we're suppose to get walloped! Maybe as much as 8-12 inches or more....*sigh* O_O
      Why couldn't I just wake up to this...

     ...and let that be that?!...Huh?!....WHY?!!

     Probably because that's not how life works! ^_^ I also woke up to a sale in my Wuglyees shop...Life has a way of balancing things out. LOL You know, snow.....a sale!...Aches and pains......hubby being home!.....Time to do things.....a ridiculously packed schedule, and no energy to do anything! ^_^ You know, Life.....fair!....NOT!!!
    I also woke up to the knowledge that this is gonna be a special week of activity because of our congregation's circuit overseer visiting our area. And the knowledge that the week has an extra meeting....one being tonight! That means a shuffling of my schedule as far as my studying too. 
      So, off I go to get my studying done for the meeting, and wrapping a package to ship, and getting some breakfast, and doing some crocheting, and paying some bills, and filling out some paperwork for doing my taxes, and making out a grocery list (which should include some suet for the bird feeder! OOPS!! O_O ...Sorry birdies!!).
     I have to stop right here and say: WOW! though....about "Downton Abbey". Have you been watching?! O_O Every season I think: "What could possibly happen next?...This season is probably gonna get boring pretty soon."...and then! O_O ... WOW!!! ... Let me just say: Beware of band singers, visiting chauffeurs, flirty maids, and unexpected letters from the doctor!! ^_^ YIKES!
     Moving on!...because I don't have time enough to get into anyway!! LOL Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

Happy Treetops

Oh-to be a treetop,
pressed up against the sky;
Waving at the clouds all day,
when breezes trickle by.

Oh-The happy movement,
when a group of trees unite,
and wave at God together,
as they sway with all their might.

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