Friday, February 7, 2014

'Virtual' Date Night!...'VIRTUAL' DATE NIGHT!!!!

Even if it wasn't Friday in Massachusetts, I'd be looking for a virtual shuttle, bus, train, boat, airplane, or rickety scooter outta here!!... ^_^ ...because we've got tons of cold...and frozen!...snow still on the ground, and the temperatures are in the single digits this morning! O_O ... Can you say 'Where's The Heat?!!' ^_^ 
       But it 'is' Friday! :-) ... and all of the above is still true!! LOL I'm online checking flights...Costa Rica...hmmmm...74 degrees...Not hot enough!! :-) ... Oh well...I'll figure out something!...There can't be snow everywhere, can there?!!

     The ice is good though!...for iced coffee...homemade snow cones....iced tea....and ice skating! ^_^

     Speaking of tea, it's time for some green tea, with honey and lemon, isn't it honey?!! :-) ...

        Clearly, my brain isn't completely on yet. Maybe the tea will help!...I didn't sleep well last night, and my body parts don't wanna get that joint movement thing going just yet for some reason! Ugh!...As long as it warms up in time for my date, I'm good! ^_^ Nobody wants to see a cranky childless granny-type Wug girl sauntering through a virtual airport, singing old 'Hee Haw' songs about gloom and despair! LOL
     Anyway!! ^_^ It's DATE DAY!!!!! :-) All else does not! ^_^ Have a good date yourselves....or a good Friday...or a great weekend!!...whichever comes first for you! ^_^ ♥

Virtual trip

I really like to travel,
See the world, expand my mind.
But not getting on an airplane,
or hunting luggage I can't find!

I like a 'good ole' virtual trip.
Computer details. Music too.
Where you don't need a 'stinking' passport,
or have to wear a 'stinking' shoe!

But a little stay at home,
under covers, lock and key,
can also be expansive.
Even if it's 'virtually'.

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