Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Weather Is Producing Some Happy People!

      "Flakes are already flying in Western Massachusetts"!...or so the weather reporters are saying...with those silly grins on their faces, and their arms flailing in front of the blue screen. LOL I don't know if they're right or not, because I can't see it. It's still dark outside. ^_^
      Apparently we're in for another big storm though...Storm PAX! The Weather Channel is showing that we're in for more snow! Maybe up to as much as 12 inches of snow in fact!!! O_O
     Now, if I was a the one in the header photo...maybe I would be as excited as the weather people!...but I'm not a dog!, UGH!!!

       I have to work my brain good on days like this. "Think of the positive, Wug...the positive!!!...The positive?!......Yeah! The positive!!!!" ^_^ And, thankfully, there always is some. Like, for instance, I'll have plenty of time to crochet today! YAY! :-)
       Also, plenty of time to nap...uninterrupted! ^_^ pressing 'to do' schedule giving me anxiety all day long! :-) It's gonna be 'slow-she-goes'!!! :-)

     And also...hubby is home from work! ^_^

     Yes...I said 'home from WORK'! :-) He's finally back to work, as of yesterday!...We had to laugh though, because he went back to work one day...and now he has a day off today! Ha! Ha! And he may have Friday off too, depending on how bad the storm is!...Now, that's the kind of job you want to have, right?! where you're working, but you're really not 'at' work!! ^_^
     Anyway!! ^_^ ... besides me talking my hubby's ear off, maybe playing some 'Scrabble', and snacking...not mush else is gonna be going on around here.....Unless the electricity goes off! O_O Then there's gonna be a lot of complaining and crying!! LOL I'll let you know how it went tomorrow. Ha! Ha! Have a good day, Everybody! ♥

Happy Weather People

Weather people are so happy!
So excited about their maps!
Always smiling on the T.V.,
like there's sunshine in their laps.

They're a chitty chatty bunch.
Talking radars and jet streams.
Strangely when the weather turns
their eyes glaze over, and face beams.

I don't know how they are so happy
when there's snow and rain and sleet;
When they do outdoors reporting,
smiling, while with soaking feet!

The places that they go
are where most folks are running from!
Are they brave?, selfless?, crazy?,
 or just really, really dumb?!

I cannot imagine
how they hold their heads up high,
when most folks can't stand their forecasts,
and they make folks want to cry.

They seem so proud and happy;
Fancy ties and great hair-dos!
Disgruntled comments bounce right off,
as do our frequent hiss and boos!!

The conclusion that I've reached
is that they have a 'Happy Gene'.
But, no doubt, they would just say
that they're reporting what they've seen.

Hey! They were not there
when wind and force moved things around!
But they're happy to be able
to now tell us where it's bound!


  1. Really enjoyed the poem and they way you write,
    Hope the storm will not be so bad, You certainly send some rain to us in Israre :)
    thank you for featuring my Rain clouds print

    1. Awwww!...Thank you!! ♥ ... As to the's already bad!...and getting worse by the minute!! O_O

  2. Your poem nailed it!! That''s a great description of the weather people. When there is no exciting weather, THEY seem bored! Anyway, stay safe today Wug and Mr. Wug! We have some friends trying to come home from SC, but, because of the weather, they haven't been able to leave. Hope it breaks soon!
    Love that rain cloud print, and that dog looks so happy!!
    Have a good day with hubby! And I'm glad he's "back" to work too!

    1. ^_^ I'm so glad you liked my poem, Bead!! It was an easy one this time. Weather people aren't hard to figure out!! LOL...Mr. Wug wants me to assure you we'll be fine, because even if he drives me crazy, I'll still be dry and alive! LOL...Tell your traveling friends to take it slow!!! We have family in North Carolina and in Atlanta and the Georgia area. IT'S BAD!!!! O_O

  3. cute poem

    being original from Massachusetts I think about everyone there during these storms...Hope it is a beautiful storm and you do not loose electricity
    thank you for including my earrings.

    1. Thank you, Cindy! :-] I'm so glad you liked it!...And thanks for the sympathy over our weather too!! LOL So far I still have lights...and pork chops too! Ha! Ha! Have a good day!! ♥


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