Friday, February 21, 2014

A Date In Fog And Rain?!

      Hello, from Massachusetts...where, if you don't like the present weather, all you have to do is wait a minute or two, and it'll change!! LOL 
      Yeah, that's my attempt at trying to 'make funny' about this crazy weather we're having! I complained and complained, for days, about all of the snow we were getting...and the ice on top of the snow!...*In fact, hubby almost had an accident last night because of slippery ice while it was sleeting! O_O*
      And the weather today?!....Well, it's as if  someone heard me complaining about the snow and ice and said: "Oh! you don't like snow and ice?!....How about some rain and fog then?!!"

      At least sintwister can make fog look nice! ^_^ But it's not gonna be good weather to travel in!...Tonight is 'Virtual Date Night!* :-)

      I have to say though, that I'm amazed at how much the woodpeckers and black-capped chickadees seem to enjoy this crazy weather!! O_O Or is it that delicious suet feeder mixture that has them all fat and happy?! ^_^ They sit and swing, and then chirp they're singing a happy song. :-)) Of course, the woodpeckers aren't singing!  They're either pecking away, or just sitting there on the feeder, or in the tree, sleepily looking around...

      Maybe the woodpeckers are thinking the same thing I am this morning: "What Next, Mr. Weather?!.....Locusts?!" :-))) ... Uhhhhhh.....we'll take the fog!! LOL...

      Speaking of which, all of this fog and rain gave hubby and I a good idea for our 'date night' destination!..........................London, England!! ^_^
    (Love Card by stilldez)

      YAY! for a night of good music and 'easy peasy eats'!! I mean, who doesn't like raindrops on the window pane, and bangers and mash?!...That's sausages and mashed potatoes, for you non-Englanders!! :-) ... We may even pull out our 'Beatles' album!! ^_^
      Okay...I'm off to wrap a package for shipping...*YES!! I actually got another sale in my shop!...a large one too!...5 items!! :-)* ... Then it's breakfast with my 'Honey'...who doesn't mind fog on our 'Virtual Date Day'. And I'm his kinda rain! LOL (with a nod to Tim McGraw. ^_^)...Then it'll be some staring out the window at the woodpecker...who will, no doubt, be staring back at me!! LOL...Have a good day, and a good weekend, Everybody! matter what the weather!! :-)

Rain Of Love

I sometimes love the rain,
and how it makes me think, again,
of our private time together-
(time I spent with my best friend).

There's something quieting to the soul
about the rainfall's pitter patter,
that makes your problems disappear,
and never really seem to matter.

Just lying cuddled on the bed,
talking softly, from the heart;
or sleeping through the thunder's rumble,
while the birds all flit and dart.

Is it normal to be smiling,
when the clouds are dark with rain?
(Maybe its just the perspective
of the twisted, wet, insane!)

At any rate-when he's at work,
and I am here, at home, alone,
and I see the drizzle starting-
I get him, quickly, on the phone.

I say:
"Hi Honey, what you doing?"
He says: "What else, but think of you!"
You see,he saw the raindrops falling,
and he didn't know what to do!

He couldn't drop his work and run!
He said he had to use restraint.
(And if he had, I would be shocked!)
But I admit-the thought was quaint.

Okay! So what? We're kind of strange-
We never want the rain to end!
But, before you judge us crazy,
watch some raindrops with your friend,
and then, just read this poem again!


  1. Love that you're "up" this morning in spite of the nasty weather!! Keep it up! I need that today! Love that song by the way!! :D
    Have a great date night tonight!

    1. Hi Bead! :-] I know you must be tired of snow and bad weather too, right?! :-)) But thankfully we still have music and food to keep us company!!...We just have to make sure it's not keeping us TOO much company!! LOL Have a good weekend, my friend! ♥


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