Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just A Casual Post.....HERE?!

      I had all kinds of things I thought I wanted to tell you about this morning, but when I thought about telling seemed like waaaaay too much talking to have to do...with my fingers! ^_^ You know, the same way it does when you have a dream that seems soooo real, and then you go to try to tell somebody about it...and it doesn't make sense any more! O_O
      And then you try to explain why certain things were the way they were in the dream, and why they didn't make sense...and then the dream starts to make even 'less' sense! O_O And then you try to fill in all the blank spaces and nonsensical things, and 'make it' make sense!...and then the dream not only doesn't make ANY sense, but it also doesn't seem real any more!! LOL 
      Well, that's the way my list of things to tell you went! ^_^ So, I'm not even gonna go there!! ^_^ Instead I'm just gonna keep it light and casual. I'm gonna share some casual wear, like the cute t-shirt dress in the header photo! :-] Doesn't it look comfy/cozy?! :-) And I really like the graduating colors of brown and black....and the boots! :-) I don't think the boots come with it though. ^_^
      And if you don't wanna be all 'up tight' about time, and you just wanna keep it about some clocks on your ears that don't really tell the time...but they tell a certain time, all the time! :-)

      Cute! :-) ... Yeah, that's the same kinda time I wanna be telling today!

      And suppose you're an artist who doesn't wanna 'have to' be doing anything, except painting?...Wouldn't this be the perfect photo on your wall, to tell everybody who you are, what you do, and what mood you're in?!...You're in the mood to paint!! :-) ...

      And then there's 'ME'! :-)) I wanna be casual too!...but my casual involves looking out of a backyard window and seeing NO SNOW falling! YAY! ^_^ Unfortunately, it only means that it isn't falling right at this minute!...Yes. We're due to get some more snow...a wintry mix they call it...a little later this afternoon.
      The other casual I usually am doing is napping. :-) And I do it well!!...In fact, why isn't there an Olympic napping sport?! O_O ... Not that I would enter!...I'd be asleep somewhere!! ^_^ ... But if I wanted to enter, I wouldn't need skis, a snowboard, a rock or curling brush, helmets, or bobsleds! This would be my accessory! LOL...

      ...A pillow!...with a soft pillow cover! ^_^

     Hey!!...You be 'YOU'!...and I'll be me!! LOL...

      Hmmm...when I look back at the post I still was a lot of talking! LOL So...mission NOT accomplished. was casual!! ^_^ Have a good and casual day, Everybody!! ♥


or cloudy days.
Getting counsel
to mend your ways.
Cuddling up,
or sleeping alone.
Sitting quiet
or talking on the phone.
Behaving yourself,
or being a brat.
Combing your hair,
or wearing a hat.
Being you,
or suppressing a cry.
Giving up,
refusing to try.
Either way
you've got to be you;
Living for others
it's too hard to do!


  1. Why does it erase my post??? Uggghhhh!!!

    As I was just can't help yourself Wug!! You love to talk! And I love to read your posts (when I have time). I love the finds from Etsy this morning! Especially those earrings!! I want to purchase them soooo bad!! I love the pillow too!! Have a great day and enjoy your meeting tonight!

    1. ????...Sorry about the erased posts. I didn't know it was doing that! O_O BLOGGER!!!!!!...Ugh!...Anyway!...I'm glad you didn't give up! :-) Have a good meeting tonight yourself my friend!! ♥


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