Saturday, February 15, 2014


     This isn't a photo of one of my chickadees, from my backyard. This beautiful photo was taken by Ashley! :-) It's not for lack of trying on my part though. I've been trying to get a good photo of my little backyard chickadees since the first stiff frozen breeze blew into the backyard...but to no avail. They're too fast for me. :-)
      Speaking of frozen.....brrrrrr!'s cold!!! O_O And we have snow, on top of snow, on top of snow!! And more on the way this afternoon!!!...The backyard is starting to look a bit like the frozen tundra!

     You know it's cold when icicles start forming on tree branches...

     ...and on the suet bird feeder!! ^_^

     Even the chain to the feeder had a layer of ice!! LOL

     This post was just about me lifting my head out from under the covers for a minute to sip on some chicken soup...*I had a little sore throat when I woke up*...and about me re-positioning myself for the afternoon snow storm that's coming!! ^_^
     I had lots of plans for the day...but now?....Nuttin'!! LOL I'm gonna get off this computer, rest my fingers, and throat, and hunker down next to my mister....*I love that big cuddle bunny* :-)) least until he wanders away to do whatever it is he has to do! ^_^ I'll wish him well, and try to hurry him along too! that he doesn't cause too much cold air to get under my blanket!!! LOL

     Have a good rest of the day, Y'all!...and a good weekend too! ♥

No Need For A Poem

There's no need for a poem
about the love that we both share.
No pretty words about our life,
our great affection, loving care.

No need for poetry of how
I've loved him since I was a kid.
No, there's no need for such a poem,
but I guess that I just did!

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