Sunday, February 23, 2014

Biscuits On The Brain!

      I woke up hungry this morning. And 'no!', that's not big news. :-) That's not even 'surprising' news, considering that this is 'Pancake Sunday' and I usually start getting hungry for Sunday morning breakfast just as soon as I see that the weekend is almost here! ^_^
      The difference today is that I woke up hungry, not for pancakes, but for my mother's homemade buttermilk biscuits!! O_O I could almost taste them!!...Why is this so strange, you ask?!...It's strange because I haven't had one of my mother's homemade buttermilk biscuits for over forty years!!!
      But this morning I can see my mother in the kitchen, with her 'slide-on' bedroom slippers on her feet, and her waist apron...with flour all over it, from her wiping her hands on it. ^_^...And I see the can of 'Crisco' shortening, all white and looking like cake icing. :-) 
      She used to put self-rising flour in a big bowl, make a well in the center of put the shortening and buttermilk in...And then mix it all together, drawing flour from the sides of the bowl as needed in order to make a big dough ball. After that came the rolling pin action...

      ...She would put flour lightly on the pin, and on her hands, and beat that dough to a soft, but floured, consistency. Then she would pinch off a certain amount in her hands, and roll it around until it was even and smooth. Then she would put the ball down on a greased cookie sheet.
      After the pan was full of balls, at a measured distance from each other, she would mash them all down with her flat hand, leaving her three finger indentations on each and every biscuit! ^_^ When they baked in the oven they would rise a bit, turn golden brown, and smell absolutely delicious!!!
      They came out of the oven, hot, brown, soft in the middle, and with a crispiness to the outside of them....YUM!!! Perfect for blackberry jam, syrup, sausage, melted cheese, etc...And that's what's in my brain this much I sure could use some of my mama's homemade buttermilk biscuits this morning!...because I'm not in the mood for pancakes. :-)
      No one made biscuits exactly like my mother. NOBODY! Not even her mother, my grandmother!...My grandmother's biscuits were fatter, and more evenly round. I often wondered if she used a cookie cutter, or something, to make them. :-] And as often as I ate her biscuits too, they never held a candle to my mama's.
      Oh well!...I won't be having her biscuits today! And the only biscuits my husband knows how to make...come out of a Pillsbury Hungry Jack can!! LOL...They're good!!...especially how they bake with the layers of soft biscuit that you can peel off and eat!...but they still aren't the ones I grew up eating as a child!...

       So much for nostalgia, and hunger! LOL I guess I'll just have to appreciate the spiritual food I'm gonna be filled up with today, and let that be that! ^_^ ... Next Sunday I may get into a whole conversation about syrup!! ^_^ You just never know with me!

      What did you have for breakfast?! :-).........Have a good Sunday, Everybody!...And for those in this part of the world, dream of Spring! It has to be coming some time or the other!! ^_^ 

Quiet Sunday Morning

Quiet Sunday morning.
Flowers blooming in the yard.
Rain clouds overhead,
forecasting rain, but not too hard.

Quiet Sunday thinking.
All is well. No one is mad.
There's an easy state of being,
and a poem on my pad.

Quiet Sunday morning.
Music, chatting with my friends.
A perfect picture postcard,
or reality through my lens.


  1. Oh Debbie, how fun this was traveling down memory lane with you! Isn't it amazing how food prepared by loving hands can impress on us for literally our whole life! I am honored you choose my biscuits among other great Etsy breakfast choices, as part of your vision! Thank You! …I forgot, I adore the Sunday Poem, brought tears to my eyes.

    1. I' so glad you had fun on my 'biscuit ride', LaNae! :-)) And thank you for the nice words about my poem too!...It's not as good as a homemade biscuit...but almost!! LOL...Have a good upcoming week. ♥

  2. I'll bet you are really good at making biscuits. I love homemade biscuits and now my mouth is watering! Hope you enjoyed your breakfast, whatever it consisted of! Pillsbury are the only ones I know how to make too! LOL
    Great spiritual food today! Love the article on the Memorial. It cleared up a question I've had for years! Hope you enjoyed your meeting too!

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence about my biscuit making, Bead!! ^_^ And yes, I have been known to make a good biscuit or two in my day! :-)) I make mine with a lot more butter than my mom used to though. I preferred taste, to fluffiness. :-)) I didn't have any biscuits whatsoever for breakfast, as it turned out, though...Maybe next week!! ^_^ But the spiritual food at the meeting more than made up for it!!...I'd love to hear what question you had cleared up!...And have a good week, my friend!! ♥


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