Monday, February 10, 2014

You May Hate Me After This Post! :-)

     If you looked at the header photo quickly, in your Google feed, you probably said to yourself: "What is that?...a biscuit?!" ^_^ Well, let me assure you it's not a biscuit!! It's a 'Here-You-Go!-Feel-Better-Wug!' LOL
     Why am I calling it that?!...Because when I saw it yesterday...I felt so much better! ^_^ Technically it's cheesecake. Or should I say, TWO cheesecakes!! :-)

     This is what happens to me whenever I have a really bad day, and I feel awful, and exhausted, and frustrated, and achy, etc...I could go on and on here, but I'll spare you. Suffice it to say...Yesterday was a really bad day for me!
      But somehow whenever I have a really bad day like that, something wonderful always happens that seems to make my bad day pale in comparison. And that's what my Here-You-Go!-Feel-Better-Wug cheesecakes did for me! :-)

      Some friends made it for my hubby and I. Homemade individual cheesecakes, with Oreo cookie crust!!!! YUM!!! :-) Hubby couldn't eat the crust. He's allergic to chocolate...sorta, kinda. (It won't kill him if he eats it, but he gets all kinds of other side affects that he doesn't like!)But that's alright! I'm NOT allergic to it!! ^_^

     No, the cheesecake didn't take away all of my health issues yesterday, but it sure did do a world of good for my mental state! ^_^ Well, the cheesecake, the 4 sales in my Wuglyees shop, and the final public talk by our visiting Circuit Overseer at the Kingdom Hall! :-) Ooooo! That talk was so timely and encouraging!!...Sometimes a reminder of how valuable you are to God is highly needed when you're feeling down. ♥
        So, if you hate me now, for showing off my cheesecake that hubby went and bought crushed pineapples to put on top of...almost when it was too late! LOL...I'm sorry......sorta, kinda. ^_^

      Let's face it, if my aim for this post was just to get you to like me...I probably wouldn't talk so much!! LOL But I'm still talking my fool head off!! ^_^ Hey! I can talk to myself!!..and I do!!...probably waaaay more than I should!! LOL..."HELLO!!!....Is anybody still out there?!"...If you are still out there, have a good week!! :-) ♥

Contagious Annoyance

Are annoyances contagious?
Yeah, you heard just what I said!
There was one thing that annoyed me;
Then somehow it seemed to spread.

I was annoyed at my computer,
at my stomach, and at me;
Annoyed at why my written-worded
brain cells seemed to flee!

Annoyed at my 'To Do' list
never seeming to get done.
Annoyed that going shopping
wasn't nearly as much fun.

Annoyed at family members,
and at hubby's 'helpful' glee.
Annoyed at Blogger-dot-com,
and it's not letting me be me!

So, come on everybody,
Please! Today, 'throw me a bone'!
Just peacefully leave this half annoyed
and crazy girl alone!


  1. I'm sorry you had such a bad day yesterday...those little cheesecakes do look like a pick-me-up for sure! I wish they were in front of my face, on a plate, ready for me to eat! LOL Glad you got such wonderful encouragement from the C.O's talk yesterday. Jehovah gives us what we need, when we need it for sure.
    Congrats on the sales and I hope today has been a better day for you.

    1. Hi Cindy! :-) Yes indeed! Those cheesecakes were a pick-me-up!! I can almost still taste them...even though they've been long gone now!! LOL Sorry I couldn't share...sorta, kinda. ^_^ ... And how right you are about Jehovah givig us what we need when we need it!...Speaking of which, guess what else happened today?!...Hubby's job is back!!! YAY!!..He's been collecting unemployment for more than two months!!! :-) "Somebody" probably know who! ^_^...really wants me to feel better!! LOL I'll be asking for some 'feel good' for you too...and less snow!! LOL


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