Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Tagged...Questions I Needed To Answer!

              I have to start off today's post with an apology. First, to all of you...for my being so late posting today. WOW! What a day! Seemed like everything wanted me to do it RIGHT NOW!!!!!...And then to Sue, of SusanD1408 Crochet Addict. She tagged me for a blog tag the other day. I told her that I would post the answers to her blog tag questions yesterday...O_O...Sorry...No excuse. I just forgot! :-/ This old lady brain of mine gets side-tracked sometimes, and goes on trips to skip rocks at the weirdest times! LOL...Anyway!...The rules for the blog tag are:

1. You must post the rules...(Done!) 
2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you...(they're down below. ^_^)...and then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged...(Uhhhh...sorry again. I'm just too tired to do this part! But I'm leaving the rules and requirements up so that if any of my blog followers wanna consider themselves tagged they can follow the rules for me. ^_^...Did I say "I'm sorry"?! O_O...
3. Tag 11 people and link them in your post...(All of my followers can consider themselves tagged if they wanna be! ^_^)
4. Let them know you have tagged them...(See the answer for #4!) goes! :-)  

1. What is your favorite animal and why?

-- My favorite animal...actually it's not only mine, but my husband's the Bengal Tiger...

         ...Why? Because!...that's why!...Ha! Ha!...No, seriously, it's because we heard somewhere many years ago that Bengal tigers mate for life...and since we're doing the same stuck. ^_^ We don't know if it's actually true, and Shhhhhhhh!...don't tell us if it's not! ^_^ We've got Bengal tiger pictures, framed art, and stuff all over the house! We don't wanna look ridiculous! :-]

   2. What do you love to make above and beyond anything else?

-- Crocheted Flowers!!...big surprise, right?! ^_^ Look at my Wuglyees shop and you'll see! Flowers are EVERYWHERE!!!...But the truth is, writing my poems is a close second, or even neck and neck, to me crocheting just about anything!

    3. What's your biggest wish for the future?

-- I don't have a wish...I do have a strong belief, accompanied by hope, that I will one day soon be able to walk and dance and play like I did in my youth...without health issues holding me back..You can call it a big 'wish' if you want to, but won't you be surprised when I walk to your house, ask you to put on some Aretha Franklin or Rascal Flatts music, and be in your fridge looking to see what I can cook us for dinner! ^_^ It's gonna happen people...soon!!

   4.  What would you say is the worst thing about you?

-- Oh boy! O_O Worst thing?!...Me?!...Okay! Okay!...I DO NOT have a lot of patience for ignorant or judgmental people...I don't mean people who judge a stranger walking toward them and who then decide whether to cross the street or not. In that case, you'd BETTER be judgmental!!...I'm talking about people who ask where you're from, or what nationality you are, and then go into their mental file and attache everything they believe about that place or nationality TO YOU!...My patience level for people who say 'stupid' things based on their limited knowledge is not very high!...Ask questions people! And keep your mind a bit open for the answer, huh!

   5.  What would you say is the best thing about you?

-- Okay, this one is easy!!! ^_^ In fact, you may not have enough time to read my answer! Ha! Ha!...Okay! Okay! I'll keep it simple!...The best thing about me is...that I'm real easy being me! :-] I really like me!...If you ask me a question, you can rest assured I'm gonna tell you the truth...I'm not embarrassed about not knowing something. I love to learn new things...And I don't put on airs or try to be somebody I'm not...I'm not in style, my tastes are all over the place, and any mold you try to fit me in....I'm breaking out!!!! LOL All of this makes it easy to just be myself in any situation. A fairly happy person most of the time...or else I'll let you know that too! ^_^

    6. What's the most treasured memory you have so far in your life?

-- My most treasured memory is either dancing and singing to the song "ABC" by the Jackson Five, while it was being played on her piano by my mother's best friend, who was barefoot, standing up, and with the most happy smile on her face at the time...

          ...I was very young...and I think this is when I started to love music! ^_^...or else it was driving from Connecticut to Florida with my new hubby the week after we were married. People honked and yelled "Congratulations" to us all all the way there! :-) I think the sign: "Just Married" on the back of the car gave us away.

   7.  If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you would buy?

-- I would never win the lottery because I would never gamble in order to enter!...and I don't know anyone, not even my family, that would give me that kind of money if they won! ^_^ And let's just face it...some things are as they should be...because I'd be a 'stone' fool with millions and millions of dollars that I knew I won just be chance!...Of course, if I became independently wealthy because of creating some crochet invention or writing "THE" poem to end all poems....that's another story! ^_^ Then I'd buy a house with a walk in shower that's big enough to live in...and a swimming pool on the 3rd floor. Ha! Ha!...My husband said he'd buy an IPad. O_O...Uhhh...Really?! Not a house or a car?!...I'm not even gonna pursue the reason why?! The mind of a gadget loving man is beyond me!

    8. What is your favorite type of flower?

-- My favorite flower is the old stand by..the rose. :-) ...

       ...Second would be a fushia...
 (Fuchsia from Wikipedia)

          .....It's something about all the colors I've seen them in. :-)

    9. What's the most favorite thing you have in your wardrobe?

-- My shoes!...Then my nightgowns!! :-) I love them!

   10.  What started you blogging?

-- I started blogging because I wanted a place to share my words...especially my poetry...Sharing my crocheting...and everything else!...came along as a lovely happenstance! ^_^ Now my love for it is as big as the moon!

    11. What's the best thing about blogging?

-- The best thing about blogging is that I get to decide what I say, and how I say it, every day...all day if I want to!...And I get to visit other countries and learn about the people, the food...

           ...and all of the things that make all of us matter who or where we live...The nicest thing to keep being reminded of every day is that we're all more alike than we are matter what we think! ^_^
         So there you go! All of my questions are answered.....and I need a nap! O_0 ....By the way, I also wanna say a big "THANK YOU" to the blog Lazy Daisy Crochet, for linking my blog up as one of the blogs she enjoys! :-) ...I enjoy hers too!

 I Tell It All

What good's a secret from your friends?
How much of "YOU" do you shut out?
Do you tell them all you know,
or do you hide what you're about?

Do they know how much you argue,
or how much you really spend?
Do they know your real hair color?
Are they not that kind of friend?!

Do they know the way you laugh
when your giggle can't be stopped?
Do they know your honest feelings
after all your hair's been chopped?

Are they totally informed
of the size you really wear?
You might hide it from your in-laws,
but your 'Bestie' doesn't care!!

What good's a secret from your friends?
In a 'Fix' that's who you call!
Then they're gonna find you out!
Might as well just tell it all!


  1. I learned a lot about you in this post!! Thanks for sharing this!! We do have some things in common don't we!! LOL

  2. Wow fantastic answers! I laughed at quite a few things including the swimming pool on the 3rd floor, why the 3rd? I learnt so much about you. I'm really enjoying this blog tag, it's nice to get to know things about the person behind the blog. I agree on your 2nd choice of flower. At one point I filled the garden with them but with our horrible weather they tend to die off every winter.
    I'm a gadget geek like your hubby and dream of getting an IPAD. i even come up with the excuse that it would be for my son ;-)
    Thanks for joining in! loved the answers!

    1. Hi Susan!...I'm glad you got a giggle from some of my answers! Hubby did too!...By the way, the 3rd floor swimming pool is because I want it all to myself!! And you'd have to be filthy rich to do such a silly thing!!! ^_^

  3. Tiger!? Mine, too.
    ABC.... let's dance!

    1. Priscila, ^_^ Dancing right now!!

  4. I love your answer to question four! I have a very low tolerance for judgemental, ill-informed people as well. I see it a lot, dealing with a husband and child with disabilities.

    1. Thanks Sprite!...I read your last blog post, so yeah! You and your husband know what I mean! ^_^

  5. I liked finding out all that info about you. And your poem is so true about blogging, lol! xx


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