Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Little Blogging....A Little Looking.....A Little Music!

        Usually on Saturday morning I'm here going on and on about where hubby and I darted off to for our 'Virtual' Friday Night Date, but, since he's been off from work, every day has become a date day! :-) So, I'm not finding that much interest in telling you about our excursions. ^_^
       Here's what we're doing: studying together, reading to each other before sunrise, listening to lots of music...and dancing, eating all kinds of all times of the day and night, giggling, watching reruns of shows hubby wasn't able to see when he was working those long hours, hunting for and in the paper, talking non-stop...about everything under the sun, sleeping...Oh! the lovely daytime naps all cuddled up! :-), organizing things around the house, filling out a lot of paperwork, and giggling...Oh! Did I already say giggling?! ^_^
     So, we're still gonna be having our 'Friday Virtual Date Night', but from now on, I won't be going on and on about it..unless something special happens!...But no worries! I'm still gonna have stuff to talk about! ^_^ Is there any doubt about that?!...If so, you must be new here! ^_^
        Case in point...the header photo!...Crab cakes! :-) {You can click on the picture and go get the recipe too!}...I started thinking about all of the things that have caught my eye lately as I was going around the world on my blog visits, and I decided to share a few of them with you today...and a little music too. :-) The music is courtesy of hubby and my date last night....which we spent looking at the replay of some of the contestants on "American Idol"...Oooooo Wheeeee! Those kids can sing!!!! ^_^

        While my ears have been having a good time, so have my eyes! :-) ...

        I'd never seen a fruit like this before!...I still don't know exactly what it is...but I sure wanna taste it! :-) Doesn't it look yummy?!...I'd have to travel too far away in order to taste it though!

       And how about this colorful 'baby'?!...

        This mouse clock of name for it! ^_^...was shared by a guest blogger to Susan's blog..she was from the blog Planet Penny...Her blog looks like it might be a fun place to visit too! I'll have to check it out more closely...and soon! :-)

        I've been on a good blog ride lately...but not as good as the ride these guys were on!...

       Alex and Mina have been in the Sahara desert...riding on camels and stuff!!...

         If you check out the last few entries on their blog (just click the link) you'll find more pictures, AND video of their camel ride and trip. It looks like sooooo much fun! :-) I like it!!

        Last, for today, is the pretty green thing that caught my eye! :-) ...

        Isn't this mixer gorgeous?!...The pioneer woman is giving it away y'all!! All you have to do to enter is go over to her blog and answer the question: "What are your plans this weekend?"...Even if you're not doing much of anything, you can put that down as your answer! :-) ...I hope I win it! I know hubby hopes so. He's got two box cake mixes just waiting for a green mixer! ^_^

      YAY!! As I promised yesterday, my blog is up early...before 9 a.m. (our time zone), which was what I always shot for before...and will shoot for on a regular basis again!...And...with a little music here and there too! :-) ... Enjoy!!!! And have a good rest of the weekend, Everybody!! :-) ...I love blogging!

Logging All My Blogging

What will I talk about?
My camera's ready all the time!
Seems that everything's a subject,
whether ridiculous or sublime.

I upload all my pictures;
Head my post with one I like.
Put the title in the spot
that makes my story come to life.

Then I start the easy part,
talking til my face turns blue!
A little humorous bit of 'ME'!
(Is this what other bloggers do?)

After all my work is done,
and all my photos fit right in,
Then I hit to "Publish Post",
Well, first a "Preview", and a grin.

All that's left is constant checking.
Does anybody even care
that I'm nervous what they think,
and that my heart's all just 'Out There'?!

In the end, I have to like it!
Because it's done, won't hit "Undo"!
It's all fun and being me!
I leave the comments now to "YOU"! 


  1. Love crab cakes! I'm going over and getting that recipe!!
    I'll also be entering that giveaway!! AWESOME!!
    Glad you're enjoying your hubby's company! Keep smiling and enjoy the special talk tomorrow! It IS later that we think! LOL

    1. I do too, Cindy...and I've never actually made them either! I've made tuna and salmon patties (which I love!!!), but never crab cakes. I think its a great recipe to try out...And yes, enjoy the talk tomorrow. I'll be right there with my ears on! ^_^

  2. Deb, you got my attention just with the crab cakes. I love crab cakes so I guess I better go and get the recipe for them. Thank you for sharing. Have a Great Evening!!!!!!

    1. ^_^ Looks like you're not the only one...with the crab cakes! They make you wanna drool! LOL

  3. Those crab cakes sure do look nice. I've never had them before but that's only because we don't buy crabs.
    I hope you win the kitchen aide mixer too. I've been eyeing them off for years. I'm thinking the only way I will be getting one is if I buy it. Sadly I can't seem to justify spending $700+ dollars on a kitchen item right now so it will have to stay on my wish list for now.

    1. I agree, Jo. Those crab cakes look like they need to be bitten! ^_^...You don't buy crabs?!...Do you mean that you don't have crab meat where you live?!...By the way, you can enter the Giveaway for the mixer too! Just go over and answer the question. Who knows, your wish list could end up one thing lighter! :-]

    2. We don't have a fishmonger nearby only what the supermarket sells. I don't recall them selling crabs or crab meat. I have to admit I haven't really looked either. Mark isn't that much of a fish eater so I don't buy a lot of seafood.
      I can enter the give-away too? I didn't think I would qualify because I live overseas. I'm heading over there now :D

    3. oops I'm a little late. Better luck next time.

    4. Ohhhh!...But you can buy crab meat in a can here too. They may sell it that way somewhere near you...just like tuna in the can...By the way, my hubby is allergic to most fish. He does eat tuna, but not much else. It makes his tongue itch...a sure sign that something worse "could" happen! O_O So, I keep him AWAY from it...although its a challenge because he says I make it look so good when I'm eating it!...I told him he wouldn't look so good with his face being one big swollen tongue!!! LOL...And as far as I remember, she'll send the giveaway anywhere. I may be mistaken, but that's my understanding. I hope its true.

    5. Jo-anne, Boooooo! O_O ...Yeah, next time!


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