Monday, April 30, 2012

Sometimes 'CHANGE' Just Happens!

         Are YOU good with change?! I when you go somewhere expecting things to look a certain way, and you get hit in the face with a completely different layout?...or like when you hear a song that you've been bopping along to forever, and you're just getting ready to turn the music up 'loud' and bop along to it again, and somebody brings to your attention that the lyrics to the song are 'not' what you think?!...O_O
       Well, that kind of "change" is the word that would categorize the last few days for me. But before you go and think to yourself..."I thought she said she was in a good mood this weekend?! O_O"...let me assure you "I Was!" These little...what I call... "piddly" changing things didn't wreck my good mood this past weekend. I didn't let ANYTHING do that! ^_^ They just were things life....'happened'!
       I'll be more clear in a minute, but first...let me show you what else 'happened' this weekend!...I finally re-conditioned one of my keychains! :-) ...This one...

      *sigh*...What a sad...and waaay too chunky...brooch it was. I don't know what I was thinking when I made these sad little 'babies'!...Yes I do. I was thinking "Ooooooo! A big flower!" LOL I made a bunch of these brooches back when I was a new 'Wuglyees' shop owner and wasn't thinking about anything but 'MORE!!' ^_^
       My crochet flower making skills have has my size scale in some instances. But, also, my inspiration for making them has changed.  Case in point...the cute little muffin key chain in the header photo! :-) .....Nowadays I think my crochet flowers should be fun and have appeal to someone else besides ME! LOL
       Here's what the re-conditioned brooch looks like now...Warning: It's colorful! Get prepared!!!! ^_^ ...

       A lot of 'change' going on in this 'baby' now! LOL

      Yes, it really is the same brooch....Well, not a brooch anymore. Now it's a fun keychain! :-) ...I crocheted a backward stitch, in purple, all the way around the edges...back and front...

      ...Added some key rings, a key clip, and a little "Made With Love" tag, and... Emeril Lagasse would say...."BAM!" LOL

        Okay, so it's still not the cutest keychain you ever seen. I ain't no muffin! ^_^ But if you're the kinda girl that carries a handbag, and you hate fishing through it when you're in a hurry...looking for your keys...this is the keychain for you!! Attache your keys to it, throw it in your bag, and it'll be right there every time you reach for your keys! I will not be ignored!!! LOL

    Be honest now!...What do you think?! Was it a good change or just a unilateral bad, or worse, change?!...Tell me. I can take it! I have a whole shop full of 'Ugly Wuglyees' don't forget!! LOL
       And so that my purple explosion 'baby' isn't the only keychain on display here...besides the cute muffin one I's a few other cute ones I found on Etsy!...

        Okay, all you crochet keychain makers, we're all in this thing together now! LOL

      Okay, now back to what I was saying about 'change'...I'm just gonna say it. I DO NOT, under any circumstances!, like the new Blogger dashboard layout!!!!!....WHY did we need this change?!...WHY?!!! There's nothing all that NEW there! O_O Unless I'm missing something!
      It looks so 'stark' and UN-colorful, and UN-interesting. And frankly...and I'm sorry y''s making me not as interested to spend time over here reading blogs. I don't like that you can practically read some people's whole blog post without ever going to their actual page!!! That doesn't seem fair to them....FOUL, Blogger!!!! What are you trying to do...get all the glory for yourself and not let any of us 'little guys' have any fun?! O_O
      I keep thinking about the fact that some of the bloggers who watch the 'page viewing' numbers on their blog are probably thinking that they're not as interesting to readers anymore now, because no one is visiting their blog. But in fact, they are reading it..just not on your page! Grrr!...unless you write long blogs. Then people have to go there to get the rest of your story...That's 'ONE' for all of us yakkers! LOL
       The new dashboard thing, to me, is sorta like getting with a group of your friends to do a circuit of visits to all of your friend's houses...but when you get to the first house, someone says: "Let's not go to any of the other homes. Let's sit here and call them on the phone, one by one."...But what if they get a busy signal, or no one is home, then the friend doesn't even know they called at all!!" O_O 
    Anyway!!! Moving on!.....let's talk about musical 'change'...Since when did artists start having different 'versions' of their songs?!...A clean version versus a what?...dirty version?! O_O A song or video used to be just.....a song or video! Now you have to know which version you're looking at or listening too, so that your ears and eyes don't explode right out of your head!! LOL
       There's one particular song that I love. It's got a very catchy beat, and it's lyric-filled. So many lyrics, in fact, that I wasn't listening as intensely as I should have been to ALL of them!...And who knew that I was listening to the 'dirty' version!!! O_O I didn't!!! I was just bopping along, belting out the chorus part, when someone said: "Do you know that this song has really bad words in it?!" O_O What?!....Where?....You must be mistaken.
      Cut to me, on Youtube, playing the song once again....without the singing along and bopping this time ^_^ ..and WHAM!...Right in the face I get hit with the 'WORDS'!!!!...UGH!...No, I'm not gonna tell you what song it is, because I might be encouraging someone to listen to bad words! 
        And as a poet I love pretty words, and sometimes straight-forward words, but I don't want to be encouraging people to listen to dirty words. Nor do I want to encourage censorship. So I'll stay in my neutral corner and let you find out on your own!....Most of you probably already know what song I'm talking about anyway....unless...O_O....unless there's a 'lot' of songs with different versions!!!! O_0 ...Whatever happened to eight-track tapes and vinyl records anyway?!....I don't like 'change'!!
        Have a good day, Everybody!....I hope your weather is nice and that it doesn't 'change' on ya!! :-))

Never As Expected

Why can't things go as expected?
No left turn. No oops!...'Snaffu'!
There's always got to be a fly
in the ointment, soup or stew!

Why can't things go as they should,
Without a hitch, impending doom?
Instead of 'Steady as she goes'!
There's always Click, click, click! Then BOOM!!


  1. I am not a lover of change unless I'm changing my dress size to something smaller. Everything else throws me into a tizzy. I do not like the new blogger either and I haven't seen anyone who does. But I do like your key chains! I wouldn't "change" a thing!

    1. Yaya, you always make me 'holla' laughing! ^_^ And by the way, the change to 'lower' numbers in clothing is a change I can't get mad at either! LOL...About the Blogger, I haven't heard too many people complaining about it. I thought I was one of the few 'technically UN-savvy' people who didn't like it! I'm glad to hear that it's not just me! :-))...And THANKS!!!! Yours is the first feedback about my new keychain too! I was beginning to think that maybe I was like that mother with the ugly baby that everybody just smiles at...and runs!! LOL...Have a good day Yaya!

  2. I totally understand the change thing with blogger. I didn't like it at first but I am used to it now. I believe the reason they changed it was so that it was more like the wordpress dashboard. They look almost identical now.

    What you mentioned about songs is so true. I was happily singing along to a song the other day when Brodz mentioned what the song really meant. It stopped me in my tracks. There I was thinking it was a nice boppy happy song and it didn't mean what I thought it did (0_o) its so sad that there are so many hidden meanings to things :( and that there are clean & dirty versions of songs. I don't see the need for all the swearing and naughty words.

    1. Hi Jo!...'Wordpress dashboard'?????!!! I don't know what that means...but I'm gonna take your word for it! ^_^ ... And thank you for understanding my thing about the songs too! And by the way, I've also the same experience you did about thinking a song meant one thing, and then finding out it meant something totally...YIKES!...different!! O_O I've been more careful since then, but who knew you could still be singing a song you thought was okay, but there would be another version 'out there in the cosmos' ^_^ that everybody else was listening to?!!! UGH!

  3. Hello ! Changes are good anyway. It makes us go further ! Thank you for featuring my little muffin ^_^ It is a good idea to make those flowers into key chain. Very helpful to find keys in busy purses. Nice blog ! Very fresh, will come back often for a visit.

    1. So, you're a person that likes change. Good for you! :-] I'm afraid I like things to stay the same usually. I need to have your attitude, I guess...By the way, it was my pleasure sharing your muffin key chain. And thank you for the nice feedback about my crochet flower keychains. I'm glad you like them. I'll keep making them! ^_^ I look forward to seeing you back again sometime!


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