Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holyoke...Like Life...Is Just Normal!

        Sorry I'm late getting my post up again today...UGH! I woke up waaaaaay too early this morning, and I've been on a 'dead run' ever since! I had so much stuff to do, and clearly..CLEARLY..not enough brain cells to wrangle together to do it with?! ^_^
     The good thing is that I actually DID do a blog today. Just not "this" blog...until now I mean! :-)) Hubby and I finally did one together. Another installment on our couples blog, In the house....Mr. and Mrs. Wug. The title of the post is: "You are the best decorator ever!"....NOT! (You can click the link and check out my hubby's decorator skills...O_O)
       Besides that I've had paperwork to fill out, had people over to take care of cleaning, the backyard lawn has been cut (had to get a jump on those dandelions! YIKES!), hubby kinda sorta pruned the former hummingbird tree...*sigh*...(still a sore subject around these parts.), I've done some studying and.....AND...taken care of some other errands that needed to be taken care of today...You know, normal stuff!
       Also, the appeal for hubby's unemployment benefits is today, so I think my frazzled brain is running around so much trying to distract itself with normality until the verdict comes down......Are we gonna be homeless? the poor house?....have only a few brain cells left intact?....or just okay...normal?! ^_^ I think you might be able to tell when you read tomorrow's post! :-] ... In the meantime, let me share some photos hubby took this morning as he was roaming around town! :-) ...

       I think I've mentioned to you before that we live sorta on a hill...

           ...Well, sometimes, on nice days, even when it's clear that Spring is taking its own sweet time about showing up, just going up the hill...higher...

       ...and higher...

          ....we get a view of normal life in our little town that makes us happy that we live here. :-)

           Nothing extraordinary.......just normality.


           Somewhere to stand up and look far as the eye can see...Or...

       ...somewhere to have a little sit down. :-] ...I know it's not that big of a deal.....but look! The sun is out! The sky is blue! :-) 

       With all of the news reports about the 15 or so tornadoes that caused more Texas this time,...(You can see two reports HERE...and HERE)...I really just needed a little....Normal!!

       Ahhhhh!...Thank you Holyoke...Normal! :-) And sometimes...that's enough!


Sometimes you expect a little 'This', and you get 'That'.
Sometimes you will wave away some dust, but it's a gnat.

Sometimes it's an image in the distance that's right here.
Sometimes all the straining isn't worth the things you hear.

Sometimes you will find that 'pretty bad' has got a perk.
Sometimes a vacation is the thing that you call work.

Sometimes conversation meant to heal can go too far.
and sometimes on reflection you are happy who you are.

Sometimes poetry can be so random, and yet deep.
And sometimes it's, upon reflection, thoughts you ought to keep.     


  1. Normal is good! What is normal these days? I sometimes wonder.... Nice photos of your area. I should do that one day.
    Hope all goes well at the hearing. I'm praying for you!!

    1. Yes, Bead...normal is good! :-) Whatever it is!...And please do take some photos of your area. I'd love to see them!...I'll keep you up on what happens at the hearing too...Have a good day, Bead! :-)

  2. I hope that the hearing goes well.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of your area. That sky looks nice & clear. It's pretty much what our sky here looks like at the moment although that's meant to change for the weekend :(

    1. Hi Jo.... :-( I'm afraid it didn't go as well as we wanted. But we're still trying to keep a positive attitude. We're hoping the tide will turn...And I'm glad you enjoyed the pretty sky we had today. It's raining right now!...Do you believe it?! O_O Lesson?!...Enjoy the now. You never know when it'll change!

  3. I love the photos!! We have had beautiful days with clear sky. Today won't be different.
    Deb, I just openned my Etsy shop! So excited and you're the first to know. I still need to learn what is circle and other little things... My shop is called Hearts and Decor, if you have a chance to visit.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Priscila...i.e. new Etsy shop owner! :-] I just went and checked out your new shop. How cool!!...I also tweeted about your shop already. I hope you have much much success with it!!...Enjoy the nice weather today too! ^_^


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