Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blue...Rain...But Good!

         Don't you just love weather men?! They say things like: "Chance of rain" and "sprinkles in the forecast" when, if you look out the window, its clearly gonna rain!...It might not rain a lot. But, Oh yeah! It's gonna rain!

        Of course, an old lady like me didn't need to hear the weather man's weather assessment. I knew it was gonna rain before he told me this morning! In fact, I knew it last night! My bones and muscles talk louder than weather men! LOL
        But whatever!!!...I'm not gonna let a little 'sprinkle in the forecast' make me blue!...I'm gonna have a blue..and white...kinda day. And it's gonna be great! ^_^

        I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "There she goes again with all of that crazy talking!" But let me assure you it's not crazy talk!'s 'stream of consciousness' talk. ^_^ I was trying to talk my way into a way to share this (below) with you!...

       It's another treasury. A blue and white treasury, entitled "It's a great blue and white kinda day ^^". ^_^ It was curated by Linda of topc.
       She shared a pair of my crochet earrings!...

        ...And some other pretty things too! :-) ...

      This gives 'having a blue kinda day' a whole new meaning, doesn't it?! :-) ... Now, in my 'stream of consciousness' kinda way, I'll tell you that I'm having breakfast while I'm typing...oatmeal and eggs. Boiled eggs. O_O I'm telling you because.....because......BECAUSE! LOL What I want is some pancakes, with sauteed apples on top...and walnuts! YUM! A I gonna get it?!....Not today! But tomorrow...I'm on it baby!! ^_^ maybe the lack of apple pancakes 'does' make it a kinda blue day. O_O ... But it's not raining! So that's something!!...WOW! My emotions are all over the place this morning! ^_^ Have a good day, Everybody! :-)


Frustration, excitement,
Great anger, Pure joy!
Deep sadness, elation,
intent to annoy.

Loving, disgusted,
triumphant, afraid.
Affection considered,
uneasiness weighed.

Cheerful, proud,
optimistic, despair.
Euphoric, in anguish,
gloom hanging there.

Emotions experienced,
the good and the bad.
Without feeling, sincerely,
what life have you had?!

You need hope and peace,
kindness and love.
An unemotional life is
Not much to speak of.       


  1. Deb, congrats again on making it on another treasury. I know what you mean about the weather and weather men. It was said that we are to have rain today but the sun is out shinning so bright. I will send some of my rays your way but not all...LOL.... Have a Great Day!!!!

    1. Thanks, Velma. :-) I think all my color is pulling people in like flies! Ha! Ha! Now if only I can get some buyers into my web...World Wide Web, that is! ^_^ And no worries about the rays. It's too late for us. Save them for you! ^_^

  2. You know I would sooner listen to someone that could feel the rain in their bones than have complete faith in the weatherman. They so often get it wrong but the person who can feel it is always right.

    I'm loving the blue & white treasury. I just love that colour combo.

    1. Ha! Ha! I totally agree, Jo!...especially since I 'am' one of those rain in the bones feeling people!! ^_^ Have a 'blue' day, Jo! (You know what I mean.)

  3. Anonymous4/12/2012

    ...I want just say "hello"!!! :)

    1. Awwww! How nice! :-) ... Hello! Welcome to the backyard!...Please come again!


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