Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If I Can't Have Hummingbirds........

      Here I was this morning looking out into the backyard at the rainless lawn and the leaf-filled tree where my hummingbird feeder used to hang...Yep! It had to come down. And not because of the neighborhood boys either!...It was the ants! They started taking the feeder over again....and we haven't even seen a hummingbird yet!...Bye, bye, hummingbird feeder!...I "DO NOT" want to start with the ant and wasp war again this season!!!! No! 
     But does that mean that I don't want to see birds?....No! It absolutely "DOES NOT" mean that! I definitely wanna see some birds!...besides my ever-present backyard robins, cardinal, blue jay and mockingbird I mean...How about some chickadees, nuthatches, or finches! :-) ... And wouldn't they be fun to watch coming to a pretty feeder like the one in the header photo!
      I'll have to give that some thought later...Today I'm all about maps and flowers! :-] Maps, because I'm working on some mapping in my spare time, helping to make some territory easier to access...Flowers, because...

       ....Well,...because I'm always about a flower. Always! ^_^ In fact, that's all I've been doing lately, is crocheting flowers!...In a minute I'll show you the newest flowers I made last night. But first I wanna show you the two treasuries a couple of my items were chosen for!
         One was "Oh So Pretty For The Princess"...

          You can click on the treasury to go over and check out all of the different items and the shops they came from...My "Reasons To Smile" poem was what was chosen for this one...

        The other one was "Purple Haze"...

         And one of my crochet flower brooches, my lilac purple brooch, was chosen for this one!...

        Thank you, very nice treasury makers! :-)

     And that brings me to the brooches I made last night. :-] I made a couple of crochet necklaces in the same vein as the above brooch...more petals. Instead of ending with the usual six outside petals, they have nine!...

        It's still not that big though. It's just a little bit bigger than 2 inches (5.1 cm)...

       I made two of them, in two different shades of purple.

       And with two different buttons...

       In the photos below, I laid them beside one of my 'Wuglyee' boutonnieres, so you could see the difference in the sizes...

      If I was listing these flowers as fast as I was making them my shop would be so full you'd have a hard time finding your way around in there! LOL In fact, I have a whole bag full of boutonnieres and necklace flowers that need to be photographed and listed! O_O
      It's not gonna happen today. That's for sure!!...I got my "Friend" visiting this morning...UGH! I guess the last time it visited, when I thought it was gonna be the last time it showed it's ugly face around here again, "wasn't" the last time!! O_0 The only good thing about it showing up, finally, is that it explains why I've been so exhausted, sleepy and hungry the last few days!...I mean I've been starving from the minute my eyes opened in the morning until my eyes closed at night!
      It was starting to worry me a little because, contrary to popular belief, I don't think about food that much, and lately it's been on my mind ALL DAY LONG!!...ANNOYING!!!...So here's hoping that this visit REALLY IS the last one!!! ^_^ ... Sorry fellas, sometimes a girl's gotta talk about what a girl's GOTTA talk about! LOL I'm done now though! ^_^
       Have a good day, Everybody! :-)

Contagious Annoyance

Are annoyances contagious?
Yeah, you heard just what I said!
There was one thing that annoyed me;
Then somehow it seemed to spread.

I was annoyed at my computer,
at my stomach, and at me;
Annoyed at why my written-worded
brain cells seemed to flee!

Annoyed at my 'To Do' list
never seeming to get done.
Annoyed that going shopping
wasn't nearly as much fun.

Annoyed at family members,
and at hubby's 'helpful' glee.
Annoyed at Blogger-dot-com,
and it's not letting me be me!

So, come on everybody,
Please! Today, 'throw me a bone'!
Just peacefully leave this annoyed
and crazy girl alone!        


  1. Hello,

    It's a pretty sunny day, at least so far.
    The purple crochet flowers are so so cute.

    1. Hello Priscila! ^_^ We're enjoying some fabulous late afternoon sun right now. The sky is just beautiful!...But that wasn't the case earlier...or tomorrow! So we're enjoying it while we have it! :-)) ... And thanks for the nice words about the purple crochet flowers! I think I'm gonna try to list them tomorrow...maybe. LOL Have a good rest of this beautiful day!

  2. Hi Deb, the feeder is just beautiful. Lady you have been busy. Congrats on the treasuries. Love your new flowers. Have a Great Day!!!!

    1. Hi Velma! ^_^ I absolutely agree! And if I had a tree to put it in........! LOL Oh well, one can tree dream!...I' glad you like my new flowers to. Thanks!...Enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. You are certainly blooming where you are planted! So many fun many fun shops to pick them from! Sorry about your "friend" visiting. I was happy to join the WWU club in 1998. (women without uterus')If you join you get a free toaster..Just kidding!

    1. Ha! Ha! Ha!...I want my new toaster.....N-O-W!!!!! LOL...And yes, I'm trying to be content and grow as I am now. And as long as the yarn keeps flowing I'll be just fine! ^_^ Enjoy the rest of the day Yaya! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow, these are so adorable and I love the lilac brooch! I had no idea that you have a shop on Etsy, so glad you told me. I still need to start shopping on there, I just don't want to get addicted. hehe


    1. Awww! Thanks Dale! ^_^ Yep! I've had my Etsy shop since 2009. I've been a crazy crocheting woman all my life though! LOL...And you're right. Etsy can be addicting. Even Etsy browsing can be kinda addicting...even when you don't buy anything! ^_^

  5. I am totally in love with your purple flowers! They really do look pretty :) I also love the necklaces you put the flowers on. They look very delicate.

    1. Awwwww! Thanks so much, Jo! And my purple flowers thank you too! ^_^ The little gun metal necklaces attracted me because they were so delicate and feminine looking...and they catch a little sparkle in the light too!


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