Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's A Memorial And A Lovely And Wonderful Life!

         I won't get into the details....and most of you probably don't wanna hear it anyway!...but this is a very special day for us, spiritually-speaking. Tonight is the Memorial of Christ's death. Hubby and I finished the Bible reading today of the last week of Jesus' life. We tried to think about what it must have been like for him, with...literally...the weight of the world on his shoulders, and yet having to be so clear-headed.
         We're taking some time today to remind ourselves how fortunate we are to have the life we have...with all of the good and bad included...It's a life that's been well paid for! We only hope we can show, by the respect we give it, that the great gift of Jesus' life is appreciated to the utmost degree!
     I'm gonna move on. I don't wanna get all preachy on you. :-) ...except to say that our life, with all of its ups and downs (more about that in a minute), is just like the treasury that was curated by Laura, it's Lovely And Wonderful! :-)

         And, like her treasury, its full of "treasures" in the dress in the header photo, and these...

         ...and even some "Reasons To Smile"! :-)

         Just being real with you, the hearing yesterday, for hubby's unemployment, was not a big reason to smile. I'm not gonna get into the details with you. And it's not over yet anyway...papers had to be filed, etc... But I can tell you...and you could have blown hubby's rep over with a feather...representatives from hubby's X-company showed up at the hearing!!!! O_0 
        Hubby came home with a completely different feeling about the company that he had slaved for, and dedicated himself to, for so many years...and with a new-found respect for me! :-) {That's because I had said to him so many times...and he poo poo-ed it!..."You'd better watch out for YOU because they're not going to! They care about THEM....not YOU!"...And boy was I right!...although it doesn't give me satisfaction to say it. :-( I saw that look on hubby's face yesterday after the someone had jumped out of the bushes with a knife and killed his long time best friend. :-/}
        We had kind of a sad talk about it last night, said our prayers, went to bed, and.......this morning, after reading about what Jesus went through to secure our life, we're back to a good state of mind. :-] Life is too precious to waste one minute of it agonizing over things you can't change anyway!...It is what it is!...MOVING ON!!!
         I'm in the mood to share the smiles and the love. In that vein...the new Giveaway is finally posted! :-) Check the link on the right hand sidebar for what it is, and what the new rules for entering are!
       Otherwise...I still have a few photos of town I wanna share with you...tomorrow. There were too many to put up yesterday. Here's one...

           Have a good day today Everybody. Be the best you can be...and make it memorable! :-)

Be The Best You Can Be

I live my life every day,
trying to be the very best I can,
so that I am not affected
by the degrading words of man.

If "I" know who I am,
then I don't care what others think;
I don't end up in some bar,
trying to hide my pain with drink.

Oh Yes! THEY have opinions
on what THEY think you should do,
on how you wear your hair,
where you should go, also with who!

I nod and give a grin,
respecting what they want to say;
but it's my thoughts that count
at the end of the day.

It makes it so much easier
when I'm being the best I can;
Then I feel good about my choices;
I don't fear words from any man!


  1. Well...first off I too, am looking forward to the Memorial tonight. My next project is to get the bread made. I have a few more groceries to put away first.

    And...I'm so sorry that the world has once again let you down. :( Satan just chews us up and spits us out doesn't he. I often think about my hubby who has slaved, I mean worked for the same company nearly 35 years!! He's not getting any younger and unfortunately they want younger people to work. He has 2 years to retire and he's looking forward to it. Enough about me.

    You are both faithful servants of Jehovah and have been for many years!!! He will never leave you in the lurch!! Keep relying on Him and I'll keep praying for you too!!

    Enjoy the Memorial tonight. You're right about the Bible reading. Putting yourself in his place makes it all so real! I was thinking about Peter this morning when I was reading it and how it's human nature to react as he and the others did. Jehovah and Jesus didn't hold it against them. Wow!! How loving they are!! I sure hope I can stay faithful to the end!!

    Hang in there my friend!!

    1. Hello my friend. :-) Yes, get that bread made! :-)...Thanks for the encouragement about the hearing yesterday. It was a very sad situation, but we're still not sure how it will turn out in the end. Hubby's rep lawyer was prepared and, according to hubby, VERY good! We're just stay in 'wait and see' mode...I think you're right about the 'wanting younger people to work there' thing too. I'm suspicious that that's whats been behind this push of hubby's job all along...I'm glad we have Jehovah's hand to hold during this time. He's waaaaay more loving than any human company! :-)) ...Have a good day, Cin! Enjoy the memorial tonight too.

  2. Pretty pink dresses! Happy Easter weekend to you - your faith is strong, so I believe things will work out for you. Keep praying! xx

    1. They are some pretty dresses, aren't they?!...And you have a good weekend too!

  3. My dear Debbie, you are an inspiration!! I am so sorry for your husband to have had that experience - the world sure can be cruel at times. He's so lucky to have you and you him. You two seem to get back into a positive groove very quickly! And that's wonderful!! I'm keeping you in my thoughts!! Love, Silke

    1. Awwww! That's so nice of you, Silke. :-] And I'm a little biased, but I agree that we are very fortunate to have each other these 35 or so years...just like you and your hubby are fortunate to have each other also!...Thanks for the nice comment and sentiments. :-)


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