Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some Days Don't Go As Planned...And That's A Good Thing!

        When hubby and I saw this planter we both fell in L-O-V-E! ^_^ The love was for two different reasons though. Hubby could imagine one of his porch plants in it, and it scaring off the neighborhood boys! LOL Although, knowing neighborhood boys, it would probably just make them more attracted to the yard! ^_^
      I looked at it and saw my own reflection. This is the face I made... ^_^ ... when I heard what the weather report was gonna be for our area yesterday.....RAIN! UGH!...I knew then and there that it was gonna have to be another day of painful balancing acts....just like Silke's squirrel! LOL...

       {She did a great blog about her bird watching...

          ...and the little squirrel had to get in on the action. You should go and see all of the other beautiful birds that she saw in her yard. --> HERE <--}

      But guess what?...The rain never came! :-) In fact, it was one of the most beautiful Saturdays that I've had in a while...

           ...and not just because of the weather!...Here's how my colorful...



          ...Spring Saturday...

       ...went! :-) ...

 -- Hubby made me breakfast in bed...Honey Cinnamon Oatmeal with peaches and scrambled eggs!...and with a promise to make me a cake later.....which he did! ^_^

-- I finished crocheting, and then listing, my latest crochet necklaces! :-) ...

          {If you're interested in purchasing them, you can click on the photos of them and it'll take you to my Wuglyees Etsy shop so you can purchase them.}

-- Hubby and I watched a few episodes of the new show about driving instructors teaching "last chance" students how to drive....WOW! O_O It almost makes you afraid to go out on the road again, considering the kind of drivers that are getting their licenses!! LOL But it "was" entertaining to watch from the house...with the poor instructors in the cars hanging on for dear life! ^_^ 

-- Hubby and I had a nice lunch together, including home fries that he insisted on making himself. I was scared. O_0 ...but they came out great!...YUM!

-- I got square #10 from "Jo" {Blooming Lovely}, and, since I was having such a leisurely day, I worked it right up!...using some of my gray yarn...

          It worked up really easy...although these are time-consuming stitches to do, the back and front loop post stitches...

         It's a really pretty pattern when it's done too! :-]

-- I did a little bird-watching myself, in the backyard......and on Etsy...

-- I conducted a Bible study with a really nice lady. She's a good student, and she kept me on my toes with some of her thoughtful questions yesterday. :-) ...I love questions!

-- Hubby and I did some laundry.....watched "Storage Wars" and "Parking Wars" (You see the theme here?! ^_^)...had a nice cheese chicken dinner.....with cake for dessert...and went to bed!.....This wasn't my first time going to bed, of course. I'd taken my usual nap earlier also. ^_^ ...

        It was a very good day! :-) ...Today has already started off in the same vein. Hubby made grits, eggs and bacon for breakfast. And we had a giggle-fest of conversation about the new bacon-flavored ice cream at "Burger King"! ... O_O ...Yep! Bacon-flavored ICE CREAM!!!

     There will be no bacon-flavored ice cream in my plans today! Ha! Ha!...But there will be flowers!...

       ...I'm working on some more crocheted necklaces. Here's hoping today is as poetically of a nice day as yesterday was. :-) Mine....and yours!....Come on rain! Don't you wanna hold off for another day?! I've got things to do!!

Ease, By Rhyme

To ease my mind,
I jot down a rhyme.

When forced to think,
my brain cells link.

With emotions on paper,
anxieties taper.

With the flow of my pen,
I'm  at peace again.

And to jot down this rhyme,
brought ease to my mind.


  1. Sounds like a good day! Sorry you have rain today though. We still have sunshine.
    I love that new square stitch. Really interesting pattern.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

    1. It was a very good day, Bead! ^_^ And today wouldn't be so bad either...except for the rain. Aargh!...Oh well, you can't have everything, right?! ^_^

  2. Deb, glad you got my sunshine gift that I sent your way yesterday...LOL.... Love all the bight colors in your post today. Nice poem. Thank you for sharing. Hugs and more sunshine. Velma

    1. ^_^ Yes, Vel. I got it! And it was fantastic!! LOL But you dropped the ball today...The sun has been 'non-communicato' all day!!! ^_^...Thanks for the nice words about the poem too. Have a good rest of the day! ♥

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful day.
    I know that bacon is meant to make things taste better but bacon flavoured ice-cream? I think I may give that one a miss.
    That spotlight square looks really good. I haven't had a go at that square myself. I've been busy knitting something for one of my nieces. I only wish she had said that she wanted a crocheted item. I might have finished it by now :D

    1. Despite the rain was almost as good as Saturday too! :-) Rain, splain!! LOL...And I'm with you on the bacon flavored ice cream! ^_^ ...Make sure you show me your square when you do it! It's a nice pattern.

  4. Beautiful collection!
    Thank you so much!

    1. And thank you very much! :-]


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