Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Just Wanted To Share......

         Considering that "EAT" is the word I've been hearing in my hormonal brain for the last two days, I thought it was kinda funny to be peeping on Etsy and see this sign. :-)) ... So I just had to share!...I could have been a much better sharer, if I had shared with you what hubby cooked for soothe the hunger 'beast'! ^_^

       No! I didn't wanna share! ^_^ ...

         It was sooooooo good!...And I think it did the trick, because I didn't wake up thinking about food this morning. I just had my usual song on the brain! I think that means that I'm heading back into the hormonal safe zone.....Only time will tell if that's true. I'll keep you posted. ^_^ ...Don't you just love me sharing so much with you?!.....STOP LAUGHING! LOL

       Here's something else I wanna share with you!...

        Remember the crochet pillow cover I made a while back?! The one my friend was embroidering my poem on?!.....Well, it's finished! :-)

         Because of my bad photography, you can't see how truly beautiful of a job she did...but it really is! And I love it!...She embroidered my short baby poem onto some silk, and then sewed it onto the front of the pillow!...

       I'll post the poem below, so you can read it.

         This is what it looks like on the pillow...

        It looks like a pillow that's carrying a gift. :-) ... Now we're gonna add something else. Something I made just for the pillow last night!...

      Little flowers!

       My friend joked about this pillow having to be sold for a million dollars when we're done. ^_^ She might not be half wrong!...After all the love we put into it, it might be worth more in sheer love than we could ever get for it in money! :-)
       Anyway...the flowers aren't sewn on it yet. Maybe next week. But they'll look something l like this...

        Stay tuned for the finale! ^_^

       I was happy to have these little flowers to work on last night because I got some really bad news.....Phone calls....I think I'm gonna go on a strike against them. :-( Anyway! I'll tell you about that tomorrow. I'm too satisfied with done, and tummy full...Have a good day, Everybody!

Poem For A Baby's Room

I liked it noisy
in the womb,
But Shhhh! Keep Quiet
in my new room!


  1. my hubby was promising me steak, potatoes and asparagus tonight and no, I haven't eaten yet this morning! lol
    Love, love, love the pillow!!! The tiny flowers are such a beautiful touch!

    1. ^_^ Yum!! Steak and potatoes sounds good!!!... O_O Maye I'm not over it yet! LOL...Thank you so much for such a nice complement on the pillow too! Have a good rest of the weekend! :-]

  2. Deb, The pillow is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what it looks like with all the flowers. Love the poem. Thank you for sharing. Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Velma, for the nice words about the pillow and the poem! :-] Have fun this weekend! :-)

  3. I so love this post~! Thanks for including our "eat" sign!

    1. Awwww! Thank you!...And your 'eat' sign was perfect!! :-)

  4. Your pillow looks amazing. Those flowers will really set it off :)
    Your dinner looked like it was really delicious especially with all of those yummy peas & carrots!

    1. Thanks, Jo! :-) You've been around here and seen this pillow from the ground to speak...when I went from a picture frame to a pillow cover! ^_^ It's been a long 'cocoon-ous' change!...And the pork chop and veggies "WAS" delicious!! :-)

  5. Replies
    1. ^_^ Thank you.....And thanks for stopping to tell me too!


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