Saturday, April 21, 2012

A 'Virtual' Date Night To A Place With "Color" In It!

       We had no intention of going there this week! our eventual 'virtual' date night destination, I mean...Denver Colorado...We had intended to 'chill out', eat some cake, play Scrabble, and watch reruns of some T.V. shows we missed this week...But, as I was toodling around, as usual, doing some blog reading, I came across Priscila Peters Decor's blog post about her move to Denver by the end of May...and I realized that that's one place hubby and I haven't been...I don't think we have anyway. O_O My memory is getting sketchier and sketchier these days....HORMONES! UGH!

        So we decided, on the spur of the moment, to take a little trip! :-) I mean...Scrabble and cake will always be available for our date nights. I'll make sure of that! LOL But Denver....and Colorado?!...and Mexican food...which it just so happens that Denver is well known for?...*Colorado Burrito, green and red chile sauce, Tamales, Rocky Mountain oysters and the Denver omelet! YUM!*...Those things needed to be experienced NOW!!...and so we did! :-)

          We got into the Denver Airport... interesting looking place in its own right!...

      ...and headed off to 'get our virtual date on' in Denver! ^_^

        In our travels, we learned some interested things about Denver too! For instance:...

--> Denver is nicknamed the Mile-High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile or 5,280 feet above sea level.

--> And that Denver’s climate is very sunny...averaging 300 days of sunshine a year!...Also, that July, the month of our wedding anniversary, by the way! :-) the warmest month of the year there.

         Sounds to me like the perfect weather for growing flowers! :-) Although Summers range from mild to hot, with frequent afternoon thunderstorms...Thunderstorms are 'not' so good for growing flowers!

--> Did you know that the Denver Pavilion, off the 16th Street Mall is a popular arts, entertainment and shopping center in downtown Denver.

--> We also learned that Denver is home to many nationally recognized museums...

--> And that it's home to many sports teams...Lacrosse, hockey, major league soccer, the Denver Nuggets National Basketball Association and The NFL's Denver Broncos football team! :-) ...
          I can almost smell a 'tail-gate party'. Can't you?! ^_^ 

       We also found out a couple of other interesting tidbits about Denver. Like, for instance, that some famous people from the entertainment world came from there!...
--> The actor/screen writer/director and producer Douglas Fairbanks; The actor famous for his gruntTim Allen (of "Tim, the Toolman, Taylor" fame), Jan-Michael Vincent, and  Duane "Dog" Chapman (of "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" fame) were all born in Denver Colorado!

--> And the sweetest thing I learned was that my beloved candy company, Russell Stover Candies Inc., made its first chocolate candy in Denver in 1923! :-) ...They moved to Kansas City in 1969, but I ain't mad at 'em. With candy as good as have to stay on the move! LOL
         Ah, yes! Denver...we love you! ♥ And even though this was a quick, spur of the moment, break from Scrabble and cake, trip.....we'll be back!! :-)

       We're thankful to be back home...even though its gonna rain for the next 4 or 5 days here in Holyoke... O_O ...Grrr! WHATEVER!!!!....I've got crochet necklaces to make! :-] And maybe some pictures to take too. (Rainy days are the best for taking at least all this rain is gonna be good for something! ^_^) ..Have a good weekend, Everybody! :-)
 Another 'Virtual' Trip!

Another trip away.
We're some 'virtual' traveling fools!
We revel in our 'virtual' jaunts,
but don't have to follow travel rules.

Our shoes stay on our feet.
In fact, sometimes we go without!
And what is all this measuring
and getting searched about?!

Yes, we travel everywhere,
and we never spend a dime.
It's 'virtual' perfection.
You should try it too sometime!


  1. Deb, Thank you for sharing your virtual trip. I learned so much thanx to you. Great poem. I'll share a little sun with you especially since it's suppose to be in the 70's here this weekend. Have a good day!!!!!!

  2. Hi Velma! :-) I'm always happy to share. I learn a lot from our trips too. A lot of it is not stuff I post about...By the way, we have sunshine today!...surprisingly! Apparently the rain slowed down somewhere and we're not gonna start getting it until late tonight or tomorrow. Yippee!!! ^_^ But you enjoy your beautiful sunshine too! And have a good rest of the weekend!

  3. The Denver skyline sure does look pretty at night. Looks like there were some very talented people born in Denver. Thanks for sharing your virtual trip :) I learned quite a few new things.

    1. Hi Jo!...You're so right about the Denver skyline. Purdy! :-] I'm glad you enjoyed our trip!


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