Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh Yeah! This Girl Definitely Has A Story!

       I hope the title of the post today didn't scare too many people off. Although if my regular post lengths haven't scared you off, you're loyal...and patient...and I love you! ^_^ And you don't have to worry. I'm not in the mood for "THAT" kind of story-telling today!...not 'today'! :-))
     What the post title has to do with is a treasury. Another treasury done by Laura. And once again she has included my poetry! :-)

        The title of her treasury is Pretty In Pink For Spring...

        And her treasury is what will tell the story today...all in pretty pinks! :-) ... So, here we go: "Once upon a time there was a girl who just wanted to be pretty, and to buy and wear pretty things. Pink things!...

 (Scrunched Top Sophia Clutch Bag by syl2830)

           So she did.....The End!" :-)) ...Tomorrow...the story of blue! ^_^

       Now let me tell you the story of flowers. Crochet flowers! :-)

         You remember these three crochet flower necklaces, right?! (above)...I'm still debating about a button for the one on the left...but even so, I've moved on to pinker and oranger and yellower fields!...

         Forgive the dark you have forgiven all of the other 'jacked-up' photos I've taken! LOL (It was too dark in the room to take them, but I didn't want to disturb my hubby with a crazy thing like 'lights'! ^_^)

         As you can see, the bud of the flower isn't sewn together yet, and the backing is not sewn in place yet, and the buttons are not sewn onto them yet!...I wasn't in the mood. And I'm not in the mood to tell you the story of why I wasn't in the mood. :-/ Maybe tomorrow....along with the story of 'blue'! ^_^

        The next time you see these little 'babies' though, they'll be necklaces or brooches or boutonnieres! :-) ....And so will these (below)...

         So, there's more to this story. To be continued.......! :-)

    The last part of my story for today has to do with me thanking Sue of the blog SusanD1408 for the Versatile Blogger Award mention...

               Thank you very much, Sue! :-) ...I'm gonna spare the readers of my blog...this time...from me going on and on...again!...with the story of 'ME'! ^_^ But please know that I am indeed honored. :-]

        So, for today, that's the story!....You know how much I love to tell a story. :-) Have a good day Everybody!

I Love To Tell A Story!

Don't pay me any attention
when I scoff at this or that.
I love to tell a story!
Even the wanderings of a gnat.

If somebody breaks a nail,
(all the gory details left out)
I love to tell the story!
Really, what is that all about?!

I'm even ready for a saga
if a trip somewhere is planned.
I love to tell a story
about bad food and parking bans!

I just love to tell a story!
It's a lifetime love of words.
And a wordless Wednesday blog?
Around here, that's for the birds!


  1. Marti-Ann4/19/2012

    Love the Blog! Thank you for including my bracelet!

    1. Thank You! :-) And it was my pleasure to share your bracelet!

  2. Aww! Yes it's true! Every Girl has a STORY!!!!

    1. Indeed we do!!! ^_^ And sometimes it's pink!

  3. Love the pinks!! Congrats on the treasury! You sure are busy making all those cute little flowers aren't you!! I do like them! Have you ever thought of putting a small button in the center? Just a thought.

    Anyway, yes, every girl DOES have a story. Some of us would rather not tell it, but we do have one! LOL
    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Bead :-) And yes I have been busy with my little flowers. And no worries. The necklaces will all have little buttons in the center. I've already picked them all out! :-) They have to tell a girl's story too! LOL...Have a good rest of the day, Cindy!

  4. Congrats on the Treasury and award.
    The pink crochet flowers are so so pretty.
    Hope you're enjoying this beautiful day!

    1. Thanks Priscila. :-) And yes, I "am" enjoying the day. The weather is superb today!...Beware though. Rain is coming! ^_^

  5. I had to laugh about the wordless Wednesday mention in your poem. I just can't see you posting one of those. You have such a love of words I can't see it happening :)

    1. ^_^ You're exactly right!...I tried once, but I couldn't click "Post"! LOL


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