Sunday, April 15, 2012

There Oughta Be A Law Against Bad Phone Calls!

         Some people love to hear the phone ring. In fact, they're beside themselves with glee when it rings!...I used to be one of those people. Now when a phone rings it makes me suspicious and questioning...In fact, my first words when the phone rings in our house is: "Don't pick it up!"...That's not my hubby's reaction though. He still gets almost like a happy puppy when the phone rings...."Who is it?!" :-) ..."Were you expecting somebody to call?"..."It's probably 'so-and-so'...I'll get it!!!!" :-))
      I always holler and stop him, and make him look at the 'Caller ID' first!....(whenever the phone rings the number, and sometimes the name, of the person it's coming from shows up on the phone screen)...

       "Wait! See who it is first!!" O_O ...That's because my experiences with the phone lately...the unexpected calls I mean...have all been bad! And the phone call we got the other night was no exception. :-(
      It was my father calling...My first thought...after we checked the caller ID and saw it was him was..."Oooooo! Papa!" :-) I can get like a happy puppy too...especially when my daddy calls!... But, as usual, hubby answered the phone first, and with giddy excitement him and my dad went into 'son-in-law/father-in-law' speak for a little while...You know, the kinda 'speak' where they tease each other about how long its been since the last time they talked, and who is getting older faster...and stuff like that. :-) 
     I usually just wait until the male-bonding and mental gymnastics are over. ^_^ ... But this time, shortly after hubby started talking to dad, he got that weird look on his face. That look that let me know that he was hearing something bad :-/ ...Sorta like the face you make when you taste something that's gone bad in the fridge. :-/ ...I wasn't ready to hear any 'bad' news at that particular I waved hubby into the other room. I was thinking: "Aargh!...You listen to it and tell me about it later!" O_0 ...So he did.
     Unfortunately, my putting the news off didn't make it get any better!...First, hubby found out that my nephew's father was murdered :-( sister's son's father!...(She's been in a relationship with a different man for years now, and had more children with him.)...She found out that her son's father had been dead for three weeks already, without anyone knowing it!...including his own mother! O_O I feel so bad for my nephew. :-( They found him dead in a building. There aren't any details yet as to why, or what happened...*sigh*
      But that phone call brought some 'other' bad news too...Some of it is too personal to share with you, but trust's bad! :-(  ...The part I 'can' share with you isn't that great either though!...I found out that my old boyfriend, my very first 'real' kiss, boyfriend...

       ...also died. :-(  O_O ...*sigh*...My mind immediately went back to when I was dating him. I was a teenager, with all of the emotions and memories of that time...And then I started to cry. ;'_'; ...It kinda took me by surprise!
        Thankfully hubby and I have the kind of relationship where nothing is hidden, so I was able to cry on his shoulder about it...weird as that sounds...He was very consoling and loving. That's why I love him so much...He's had old girlfriends too...And he knew my old boyfriend personally. They grew up in the same neighborhood. It was kind of  a shock to him too!
      It's so weird to now be an old broken down relic of a girl... 

           ...and yet still have a brain that remembers the spry, bouncing teenager of a girl that I used to be!...

        I know there's no handbook on how you're suppose to feel in unexpected situations, but sometimes I sure wish there was!...Thankfully many consoling and loving Bible verses also came to mind. Between them and hubby...I got through it. :-) This morning I'm no longer in the mindset of a teenager whose boyfriend died. I'm now thinking about his family and how hard this news must have been on them. I was friends with his sister years ago. And he has children too. :-(
      Death is never easy...not for the family...or for the long lost friends who still carry childhood memories. :-( ...This was not what I wanted to be talking to you about on this quiet Sunday morning, but....I take it as it comes! And that's how it a phone call...*looking left and right*...There oughta be a law, and a ban, on bad phone calls!

     I am gonna leave you with some good news though....I have to! The winner of the crochet bracelet, my 'Hand Sandal' is.....Cindy! :-) Congratulations Cindy! I'll get it out to you soon. :-) ...There was only a 50/50 chance for you to win it this time, and you did! {I only got two entries in the Giveaway! ^_^}
       Have a good Sunday, Everybody!...And if the phone rings and its not your childhood calling......RUN!!! LOL 

Girlhood Left Behind

Little girls always grow up,
and leave behind their fantasies;
They leave behind their mama's heels
and their skinned and scabby knees.

They leave behind their baby dolls,
and all their childhood toys;
They leave behind their cute, pink room,
and forget their fear of boys.

Remember the Easy-Bake oven?
I'm sure your little girls do!
(That was one thing they left behind-
along with their patent leather shoes.)

They also left behind Slinkees,
pacifiers-and breast milk;
They traded it in for make-up,
perfume, and shirts made of silk.

They also left behind tantrums,
and whining all day for a cup.
(Well-maybe a little of the whining
was left behind when they grew up!)

The further away from their childhood
that little girls continue to be,
the more they forget how it was
to be silly and just fancy-free.

To play outdoors for hours;
To have an imaginary friend;
To host their own tea party,
indoors, in their family's den.

They've grown up and had their babies
and left behind their innocence;
Their own little girls they've powdered,
with no thought to their childhood since!


  1. I hate it when the phone rings after 9pm at night, I only expect bad news!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    Enter me!

    1. So true, about the late phone calls! And guess what?!....This was one of those!! O_O ... I'm off to post the latest Giveaway right now. You'll be entered...whether you want it or not! ^_^

  2. I've had a few bad calls myself and I'm with you on always checking the caller ID. I'm sorry for the loss in your family and also for the loss of a piece of your childhood...those memories will always be there and really it would be a shame to lose those. Hope the week is better and no phone calls to make you cringe!

    1. Hi yaya!...I think when you're lived a while, and been around the to many times as I have, you learn to hang onto the good memories...and let the bad ones slip away like a bad limp on a one-legged man!...Or stop dead in their tracks!! LOL...By the way, I hope you have a good week too! :-)

  3. I haven't been in blogland this past week so i was really saddened to pop here and read your post and your sad news im so sorry. You husband is amazing bless him ;-) My thoughts are with you, dee x

    1. Thanks, Dee...That's what happens when you blog every day. Some days the news is bound to be bad! But I'm actually having a pretty good day otherwise. I hope you are too. :-)

  4. Deb,

    Sorry for the news.
    I'm more like you, when the phone rings I don't get excited at all! I can't explain why....

    Hope you have a good new week.

    1. Thank you so much, Priscila. You're always supportive, and I appreciate it...*ring, ring*...'Don't answer it!' LOL Have a good rest of the week!

  5. How wonderful to be included on your blog, bittersweet though your post was. Thank you for sharing. Hang in there ;O)

    1. Awwww! Thank you very much. Sorry about the bittersweet part, but that's me I'm afraid. I tell it like it is where I find it! :-)) Have a good rest of the week!

  6. I am so sorry that you had such bad news. I hate late night phone calls they never bring good news :'(

    I also know what you mean about not liking to answering the phone straight away. When Brodie was younger and just starting High School the phone would ring nearly every day stating that he had done something wrong and that he was suspended. I used to be terrified of picking it up. I didn't have caller ID back then. If I did I would never have answered any calls from the school :-( I still hate answering the phone.

    1. Thank you, Jo...I agree about the late night phone calls! And unfortunately it's just been bad news after bad news the last few days. Some NOT by phone! O_O It's just "life" calling!...So many people are going through such bad things!...Anyway!...Have a good day, Jo. And beware of 'fling' telephones! LOL


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