Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flowers....and A Good Man

      It's the new visitor to our backyard. We call her 'Backyard Holly', but she's really called a hollyhock! :-) Isn't it beautiful?!!!...And so is hubby's photos of it!...

      He was out there in the yard before the sun came up good, taking these photos for me...

       And as the sun got brighter and brighter, so did his smile. :-)

      His new little visitor, the hollyhock, is making the garden look like it's all dressed up for a special occasion or something!..."Where you going, 'Backyard Holly'?!!" :-))

      You're not going anywhere! Just sit right there in the garden, and look beautiful! ^_^

        I've been working on some flowers myself too...inside. :-]

       It's another small crochet flower. And I really love the button on this one. It's kinda conclave, and it has a design that looks like chocolate caramel swirl. YUM! :-)

     I haven't listed it yet. I can't decide whether I want it to be a necklace, a brooch, a hair comb, a men's boutonniere or what!..Any suggestions?!
      I did put the loops on the back though...

     ...So I can do whatever.!...or list it as is, and let the buyer tell me what they want it to be! ^_^

      I 'did' decide what I wanted my cuff link lapel pins to be though! ^_^ Here's a few photos hubby let me use him for...

      This is the fly button one (above)...Below are 3 more I'm gonna be listing soon...

     The red one didn't photograph that well. Red never does! But at least you can see the scale of it...Hey! Hubby's not the only one who knows how to show off some flowers around here! LOL...He's a good man....Speaking of which...

      ...I just heard John Mayer's new song, "Shadow Days".  In it is a line about him being a good man. I really like it!! But, of course, I couldn't help but wonder if he wrote this partly because of the bad experience with Taylor Swift a few years ago. She wrote a song about him and the bad experience they had while they were dating...Growth is good, in flowers and in people! :-) The song will be below the poem...the poem about the weather...Why the weather? Because we're suppose to be getting some hot weather over the next few days...a heat wave!....Ugh!...Have a good day, Everybody!...Check your air conditioner fluid! :-)

 It's Like...Weather!

It's like a heat wave going on,
with lots of lightening in the sky.
Lots of tree branch-looking lasers,
high up there where birdies fly.

It's like a thunder storm of weather,
big loud 'BOOMS!' out from the dark.
They'll be no picnics, no golfing.
No kids playing at the park.

It's like a Tropical Depression.
So much rain and wind and stuff.
Puts a kink in all your planning,
making 'Rolling With It' tough!! 


  1. I do love holyhocks, we have them in our garden :) hope you are having a happy week sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

    1. Ooooo! You have some too!...Are they the same colors?! I didn't look to see if they come in different colors or not. :-] ... And so far, so good, as far as my week goes. I hope yours is going well too, Bee! :-]

  2. Hello Deb,

    Beautiful Holly! And I like all the flowers you did. All the photos are great here.
    Hope you're having a lovely week.

    1. Hello Priscila! :-) Thank you. I'm glad you like all of my flowers. The photos are courtesy of my hubby. He's becoming quite the photographer, isn't he?! :-) ... By the way, I hope you're having a good week too!

  3. I'm loving ALL of the flowers in this post. The photos with the flowers on the suit look really good. The grey shows them off nicely :) Backyard Holly looks mighty fine too!

    1. ^_^ Thank you, Jo!...All it takes sometimes is a flower to make all the difference in how your day goes!...And yes, Backyard Holly is looking mighty fine, isn't she! :-]


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