Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pillow Love

's gonna be very simple today. I've been searching the Etsy site for pillows. My main reason for doing it was to see about how much I should be charging for my pink and white baby poetry pillow. I did the finishing touches on it yesterday and had to list it in my Wuglyees shop.
       As it turns out, there's no pillows out there exactly like mine. So I had to 'guess-imate' easy task! I didn't want to charge too highly for the pillow, but I also didn't want to underestimate the amount of work I put into it either!...I finally decided on a price I could live with.
       In the process of my comparison  searching though, I came across so many pretty pillows that I just have to show you! :-) After I share these, I'll show you my pillow...If you fall asleep along the way, grab a pillow. :-))

          HELLOOOOOO!!!...Are you still with me?! O_O ...Take a deep breath in........blow it out. I'm not done yet! ^_^

       If you're still here...YAY!!! You made it!! ^_^ ...All jokes aside though, aren't those some of the cutest pillows you've ever seen?!!...Can you guess which ones are my favorite favorites?! :-) Think color...buttons...and flowers. :-))
     And let me show you the one I made and listed...

 I said in the beginning of this post, I' keeping it very simple this morning. I've got to get some breakfast and get ready for my meeting. Right after it I' gonna grab one of my pillows and get me some more sleep!...*Yawn*...I'm tired this morning...Although I'm sure grits and eggs, with a bacon chaser will wake me up!! LOL
       Have a good day, Everybody! :-]

Baby Sign Poem

I Liked It Noisy
In The Womb.
But Shhhh! Keep Quiet
In My New Room!


  1. All of those pillow covers look amazing! I like the popcorn flower one the best. Well, after your one of course :D

    1. Thanks Jo!...I agree!...and thanks for the complement about mine too. :-)


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